10 Fun Outdoor Fall Activities

10 Fun Outdoor Fall Activities

By: Desiree Hester

The glorious fall season is in full swing with festivities aplenty. If you’re looking to get into the spirit of the season and are anxious to check a few adventures off your fall bucket list, then take a peek at our top ten outdoor activities to do this fall. Whether you only have a few hours to spare or are looking for a fun-filled weekend getaway, there is something for everyone.

  • Go for a bike ride

Feel the cool wind in your face as you bike beneath a canopy of golden leaves. Whether as a solo adventure or a fun activity to embark on with friends and family, taking a fall bike ride is not only great exercise but a fantastic way to soak up a kaleidoscope of fall color while covering some serious ground.

  • Go on a leaf peeping drive

Regardless of weather conditions, a scenic drive in the country is a great way to experience the beauty of nature, come rain or shine. Pack your hot, fall beverage of choice and tune into your favorite fall playlist as you cruise wherever the changing leaves take you. If the weather conditions are ideal, stretch your legs with a hike or enjoy a picnic midway through your journey.

  • Have a Dutch oven dinner and bonfire

Whether it be comforting stews, fresh apple cobbler or the ever-favorite Dutch oven taters, meals are never quite as satisfying as when enjoyed by fire’s side. Whether you try out a new seasonal recipe or opt for a time-honored classic make sure that it is something warm and comforting for a chilly evening spent in the wilderness.

  • Go canoeing

Canoeing on a lake, shrouded in morning mist and laced with trees on display with vibrant fall color, is a truly enchanting experience and one of the best ways to revel in the beauty of fall. Early morning jaunts on the lake often yield calm waters and soft light, offering ideal conditions for seeing (and photographing) the reflection of the landscape in the water.

  • Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard

Fall is a great time to spend a day visiting a local orchard or pumpkin patch. While supporting a local farmer you can enjoy the spoils of a farm fresh harvest, learn more about where your food comes from and have some good ol’ fashioned country fun.

  • Take a hike

Going for a hike is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the fall landscape. Whether you partake in a simple day hike or opt for a multi-day backpacking trip you are sure to have a great adventure. Cooler fall temperatures also give way to hiking conditions free (or at least with a significantly reduced amount) of insects like mosquitos.

  • Have a picnic

After visiting a farmer’s market or apple orchard, pack a picnic lunch filled with your seasonal fare and head outdoors. Picnicking in fall is a delight with less pestering bugs to disrupt your meal and mild temperatures to enjoy.

  • Stay in a cozy cabin

Depending on where you are located, campgrounds may have more limited availability in the shoulder season (although you can typically find dispersed camping options year-round). Booking a getaway at a cabin is a great alternative if camping is not in the cards. Staying in a cabin will still allow for plenty of opportunities to explore nature while allowing for the comfort of a warm bed to return to at the end of a crisp fall day.

  • Go star gazing

Star gazing in fall offers several advantages. The night sky grows dark sooner than in the summer months, allowing for more palatable viewing hours. Autumn skies also allow for the viewing of both summer and winter constellations if timed appropriately. Finally, the cool air makes for an enjoyable evening spent in nature.

  • Go bird watching

Fall is a unique time to watch the great migration of our fowl friends as they head south to their winter abode. As temperatures drop and food and nesting resources dwindle, many bird species intuitively head for more hospitable locations. Learn about which birds migrate through your locale or even discover the top fall migration spots in the country.

So, whether you have already caught the autumn bug or not, we hope these ideas will have you itching to head to the great outdoors this fall season. Enjoy some fresh mountain air, soak up the golden autumnal light and watch the wonder of nature as it changes before you. Whichever activity you choose is sure to create a lasting memory.

About the Author:
Desiree Hester

Desiree is a photographer, blogger, world traveler and creator of The Wayfarer Journeys travel website. Through her words and photos she aims to inspire others to dedicate more time to being in nature and to add outdoor adventure into every trip that is taken. Desiree believes that anyone can benefit from travel and time spent in the great outdoors- no matter their skill level. Whether in her beautiful home state of Utah or while traveling abroad, she can be found hiking, back packing, camping, snow shoeing, cooking a mean dutch oven meal or out on the lake with her wonderful husband and fearless adventure pup, Waldo. You can follow Desiree on Instagram at @thewayfarerjourneys