Three backpackers gaze out over the mountains while wearing various TETON Sports backpacks.


The TETON Story

As a boy, our founder didn't have the best experience with being outdoors. Instead, most of his memories of camping were of being cold and uncomfortable. As an adult, he realized those memories were mainly focused on the gear and not his environment, so his goal was to change that. TETON began as an idea that no matter the budget, everyone should be able to get outdoors and enjoy life. Our company exists to help people of all ages connect with nature in a positive way—because outdoor experiences should be about the memories, not the gear. 

Spending time in nature makes a difference in people’s lives, and we want to see that difference more and more in the world. TETON is unique in that we believe in cultivating relationships and creating experiences first and foremost. We may spend our days designing and selling exceptional gear, but every chance we get we're out there just like you, chasing the next summit and sleeping under the stars. 

The outdoor industry is ever changing, and we respect and embrace that innovation. But at the end of the day, we believe in staying true to our values and being here over the long haul for our customers and our partners. In other words, we're here for the adventure, and we can't wait to see you out there. 

Hike happy, camp cozy, sleep easy with TETON.

Our Core Values

In life, there is no going backwards. Moving forward is how we evolve, overcome challenges, and improve to make a positive impact on the world. It is also the inspiration behind our core values.

Freedom: The TETON lifestyle is deeply rooted in freedom and independence. We work to live, and not the other way around. 

Ownership: We believe in taking ownership of our actions and that everyone wins when relationships are based on trust, honesty, and integrity. 

Do It Right: There is a difference between simply doing a job and doing it correctly. At TETON, we believe in always giving it our best and never settling until we get it right. 

Win-Win-Win: Through loyalty, collaboration, and empathy (our triple win combination), we have become the brand people can trust without a moment's hesitation. 

Always Learning, Never Learned: Education is a lifelong endeavor, and knowing there is always more to learn will take you so much farther in life than believing you already have all the answers. 

Results-Focused: When you implement the right systems, focus on accountability, and motivate people to reach their full potential, success is inevitable. 

Do More with Less: When we say the outdoors is for everyone, we mean it. We focus on efficiency and spending money in the best possible way to meet our goals.

From Our Customers

"Well made, durable, easy to set up, and stunning! The e-power port design is so practical. Teton is the only brand I know that incorporates this into their canvas tents. They know their customers!" ~Marjorie P. (Sierra Canvas Tent)

"All my family members use the Teton backpack. We have been to numerous scout campouts. We have recommended them to other members of our troop and they’ve all been satisfied with the quality and customer service that Teton provides." ~Karen D.

"I love the Oasis Hydration Pack. It's so clear that the design was thoroughly thought through by outdoorsy people. I can keep my gear perfectly organized. Even better, the color options are great, diverse, and so vibrant, so I got to show off my style on the mountain." ~Yara C.

"I’m absolutely obsessed with my TETON hydration pack! I’ve hiked in rain and shine with this pack and it has weathered it all - keeping my stored materials dry in the rain and my back airy and dry in the heat. Teton is my new favorite hiking gear brand all because of this bag!" ~Christa B.

"I love my explorer 4000! It’s carried my gear for many miles and doesn’t look like it’s gonna quit anytime soon! The quality you get for the price is just unbeatable." ~Tyler G.

A group of four friends roast marshmallows surrounded by TETON Sports camping gear.

Hike Happy. Camp Cozy. Sleep Easy.