5 Simple Tips to Not Get Sick While Camping

5 Simple Tips to Not Get Sick While Camping

5 Simple Tips to Not Get Sick While Camping

Staying clean is nearly impossible while camping, especially if you are really getting after it in the outdoors. There are ways though, for you to be dirty but still be healthy while recreating.

1) Brush your teeth

While in the great outdoors there are few things that you have any control over. One being, keeping yourself clean of dirt, grime, body oil, sweat, smell and tears. If your body is covered in these, at least your mouth can be clean. By keeping your mouth clean by simply not straying from your normal (recommended by a dentist) duties of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day, you will not only feel clean but will ward off bacteria that lingers in that incubating petri dish that we call our mouths. Bacteria loves living and growing in warm, dark and moist places, case in point, clean that mouth of yours and you will avoid certain sicknesses.

2) Clean up with wet/baby wipes

If your body is caked with dirt, just jump into a body of water to get yourself clean, but it's those special areas that are a good idea to clean with a baby wipe bath. Your face, hands, underarms, and the, you know, special areas, are all important to clean. Again, bacteria loves warm, dark and moist places. Your face doesn't fall in these parameters but it's a good idea to get off any grime off your face because it's near your mouth. Using an individually packaged wipe too, like Action Wipes, will make sure that they last and don't dry out throughout your trip.

3) Eat healthy food

This one is pretty difficult if you are out backpacking and not near a car for storage but still possible. Making sure you get your daily recommendations of protein, carbs, and vitamins, C specifically, is a great way of making sure your body is ready to fight off any sickness. Carrying a few cleminitines or the Emergen-C powder/tablets are a great source of it and are easily portable. While out adventuring, you want your body fueled the right way so you can be prepared for anything, a good diet will help with that.

4) Clean your hands before/after every meal

This one is relatively obvious. We use our hands for everything, they touch everything and they are gross under a microscope after just a couple hours of being in the outdoors. If you are planning a meal or just eating one after being out, you should make sure to use hand sanitizer. This is the easiest way to stay healthy while out and a little travel sized bottle will last a lot longer than expected and only cost about a dollar. Get a few and throw them in random places. Always nice to have them, especially after going #2 in the woods and/or dealing with uncooked meat.

5) Drink lots of water

A well hydrated person will be less susceptible to illness. Additional water in your system will generally keep you feeling better on a daily basis. Water is used to regulate your body temperature and keep your joints lubricated, both of which are things you'll need while out camping!
What tips and tricks do you have to keep yourself healthy while you're camping?