5 Sources for Last Minute Micro Adventures

5 Sources for Last Minute Micro Adventures

5 Sources for Last Minute Micro Adventures

Your in-town weekend plans cleared themselves from your schedule at the last minute and you suddenly find yourself on Friday morning with a weekend free and clear of demands. Being the go-getter you are, there’s no way you’re sitting at home, staring at the television (in fact, you should try to never do this). It’s time for some quick thinking that will get you maximum adventure time with minimal effort. Time is short; let’s not waste any of it. Here are the options that will help you make the most of your two-day holiday:


It’s not an online dating service. Well, it could be. Meetup.com is all about gathering people around a certain activity in specific locales. From rock climbing to hiking; outdoor book clubs and adventurous singles, if you’re near an area with a somewhat sizable citizenship, chances are there will be a meetup group near you. Take a gander online and see if any local groups fit your interests, or expand your search to nearby cities and regions if you’re up for a tiny trip. Many groups plan weekend meetups where your adventure could lead to discovering a new, sport, area, or even making friends with a whole new crew of outdoor lovers. Dating optional.

School’s in Session

Do you live near a college or university? These will often have an outdoor recreation department and, if you’re lucky, yours will be one that doesn’t just focus on student participation but has a community component to it as well. Give them a call on Friday and see if anything is in the works for the weekend and if slots are open. At the very least, they will have ideas of places you may not have been or can rent you gear, such as mountain bikes, if you’re up for trying something completely new.

Local Knowledge

If there’s no university or college nearby (or even if there is), your local bike shop or gear store probably has a whole list of workshops and trips they host throughout the year, sometimes costing little more than the gas it takes to get there. Though these trips may fill up fast, last minute drops are always a possibility (and highly likely). Call first thing on Friday morning and snag a spot (even if it’s on the waiting list — just be ready for action when a spot does open!). You’ll get a chance to brush up on your skills and get out with folks from your hometown.

Rediscover your Local, National & State Parks

Has it been a while since you visited your state or provincial park? Don’t neglect your backyard! You can gain a huge appreciation for what you might have overlooked by doing a little online research. Scouting a new a trail or alternative outing, such as kayaking, that you haven’t yet tried in that neck of the woods will make it truly feel like an adventure even in the most well-visited playgrounds. Round out the weekend by checking the park’s events calendar and seeing what programs the rangers might be running, such as a night sky viewing, campfire folklore, or a dutch oven dessert class.

Get a Guide

Got one or more friends who are always up for a last-minute adventure? Have each of them create a mini-itinerary of fun for the weekend. The plans can be located anywhere within a reasonable radius and should be comprised of things that the individual has either already participated in or is willing to gather all the details on. Once everyone has finished their quick trip ideas, gather together, write everyone’s name on a slip of paper and pile them into your favorite trucker’s hat (we know you’ve got one somewhere). Whoever’s name is drawn becomes the tour guide for the weekend — a terrific way to see adventure through another’s eyes! Save the rest of the ideas for other another chance weekend where you and your friends find yourself clear of plans.

Got any ideas for last minute micro adventures? Share them with us!