Keeping Tabs on Your Adventure Goals

Keeping Tabs on Your Adventure Goals

We just shared tips on how to set your outdoor goals for the year -- how to choose attainable goals, how to work toward them and how to adjust as you go. That is all invaluable information. Let's assume you have set a solid goal and are ready to take it on...but you don't want to do it yourself.

How do you go about finding the support system and adventurous friend network to get you on the right path this your goal? There are a few ways to go about doing this, so let's jump right in.

Tell The World...

...or at least a few friends. Some people find loads of motivation in telling the world about their goals. They find the external expectations from this big announcement to be what they need to get out there and get after it every day. But if this isn't you that's okay!

On a personal level, I am very overwhelmed by a lot of external expectations so I try to keep them to a minimum. Rather than announcing big adventure goals to the world I prefer to tell just a handful of friends. Selective know, those friends you just know will encourage your crazy. I tell them and use them as a reality check when needed.

However you go about doing it, telling everyone or someone about your goals will help keep you accountable. Take a look at your past goals and decipher what seems to work best for you...then put your goal out there.

Make A List...

...either a to-do list or a calendar check list or something similar. If you're a list-making fiend then this will come easily. You probably made twelve lists in the process of setting your goal. If you're a bit more abstract this might feel forced, but you'll appreciate it later.

This list will make your goal and all the steps to achieve more visual. Even if you're not a list person you have to admit that crossing something off a list feels great. As you move toward your goal you'll be able to tick of one task after another -- perfect visual representation of progress.

Use Social Media Sparingly...

...yea, I said it. Social media can be amazing for a handful of reasons, but it can also be harmful. It is way too easy to compare your goals to someone else's goals. Maybe this makes your feel extra awesome, but comparison rarely works that way -- you're much more likely to feel like you're not doing enough. So rather than play this comparison game it may be a better plan to just avoid it all together.

Similar to how I use the "tell the world" advice above I am selective with how I share my goals on social media. Since Instagram has offered the "close friends" story sharing I have been using it to share things like my goals or personal achievements. This allows me to share exciting things or honest struggles with the people I know have my overall well-being in mind.

Just know, it is perfectly okay if the world of social media never hears about your goals...or even your accomplishments after you met your goal. The response from social media does not get to have an affect on the personal pride and accomplishment you get from reaching your goals!

These are just a few ways to keep tabs on your personal goals. Everyone has their own methods to hold themselves accountable and if you have one that works well -- let's here it! Share it in the comments!