Camping for Women: Making it Easy

Camping for Women: Making it Easy

By: Meg Atteberry

When it comes to camping for women, there are a few handy hacks worth knowing. Although many of us don’t mind the dirt under our fingernails, it’s always nice to feel, look, and perform your best. Here are several tips for all the lady camping enthusiasts out there.

What To Do About the Bathroom

If you’re camped at a campground with a toilet, then bathroom breaks don’t need to be too much of a hassle. Simply use the facilities provided. But let’s be honest, who likes to plop down on a cold seat for a number 1?One of the best pieces of gear I’ve ever bought is my female urinary device or pee funnels. These handy devices let you wizz without exposing your backside. They are a serious lifesaver while on an outdoor adventure. Say goodbye to cold toilet seats in outhouses or awkward squats in the woods. The best part? Pee funnels are easy to use and surprisingly simple to care for.

Sleep Cold? Read This.

Did you know that men typically sleep warmer than women? If you’re a cold sleeper, then spending a night in a tent can feel more like choosing to sleep in an industrial freezer than a magical night under the stars.

Combat the cold with the right sleep system. Choose a sleeping bag that has a comfort rating that’s well below what you normally camp in. I aim for 7 to 10 degrees lower. Keep in mind women’s sleeping bags are typically rated lower than their unisex or male counterparts.

Another handy hack is to boil some water then add it to a non-insulated water bottle. Secure the lid (double-check, cuz this is crucial!), then pop it in the bottom of your bag. Voila, instant foot warmer!

Tips for Feeling Fresh and Staying Clean

Camping for women often means long durations without showers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still feel clean. Here are a few handy hacks to stay clean while camping:

  • Wash your feet daily, then let them air dry. Clean out dirt buildup to prevent blisters and feel fresh.
  • Use a soapy washcloth or baby wipe to get the basics. Go for your face, pits, and privates (in that order). Finish up with a nice hand wash and you’ll be feeling super-fresh in no time!
  • Have a dedicated pair of camp socks. Use one pair for play and another for camp. Swapping out your socks helps stave off stinky feet and does quite a bit to keep you feeling clean.

Got Long Hair? Here’s How to Keep It Under Control

If you’ve got longer hair, tent hair is a thing (trust me here). I once went ten days without a hairbrush in Nepal, things to got messy! For longer hair, the best way to keep your mane under control is to braid it. Braids are an easy, hassle-free way to avoid tangled hair. They also help from letting your hair look greasy. Baby powder works really well to stave off any itchy hair. Simply apply a little at a time to your scalp to soak up the excess oil. Of course, take advantage of any shower access you may have.

What to Do About Your Period While Camping

Camping on your period can simply suck. There are a lot of different options out there for those of us that have to deal with Aunt Flo in a tent. Tampons and pads are certainly an option, but if you’re dispersed camping or backpacking, packing these items out can be a bit problematic (and kind of gross).

Reusable, sillcone inserts like a Diva Cup or alternative product is a great, hassle-free way to deal with your period. Simply empty out the cup each day (or as-needed) the same way you would use a cathole for number 2’s. You can use warm water and a little bit of mild soap to clean the cup. Bury the contents and pack out any waste (like toilet paper or wipes).

Overall, it’s easy to head out on a camping adventure as a woman. You don’t need to be a wilderness expert to enjoy sleeping under the stars. Come prepared and use these camping tips for women on your next big outdoor adventure.

About the Author:

Meg ditched the 9-5 world as an architect in pursuit of adventure. Now a freelance writer for the outdoor industry, she’s made it her life’s work to inspire others to say “yes” to adventure. From the remote wilderness areas of Colorado, to exploring a foreign country, Meg specializes in off-beat destinations for the intrepid soul. You can find her in the backcountry searching for the perfect camp spot in her home of Colorado.