Camping Tips for Beginners

Camping Tips for Beginners

Here at TETON, we love camping! In fact, we don’t think of it as just camping, but adventuring! When you’re first starting out, there are so many questions. Where should I camp? When should I camp? What gear do I need? Where do I go to buy my gear? And the list goes on. Because we want you to love adventuring as we do, we’ve compiled a list for beginners that we believe will put your mind at ease and get you on the road to becoming your own kind of adventurer.

Ask the Experts

When and where to camp depends on the kind of adventure you want. For help with this determination we recommend a guide—an experienced friend who can take you along for the first time.Visit our Adventure Forum for more tips.

What Gear Do I Need?

With a little experience you’ll know what you really need or want along on your trip and you won’t need to haul as much to the campsite. For a detailed checklist of items you’ll need, check out our series here at the Adventure Hub—How to Pack for an Adventure coming soon. In the meantime, basics are food and cookware, clothing, tent, backpack, sleeping bag, camp pad, first-aid kit, flashlight and something to start a fire (depending on your brand of camping).

Where Do I Go to Buy My Gear? TETON Sports, of course!

Buying your gear for the first time can be a real initial investment. To begin you can borrow the necessities (go with a well-equipped friend) or shop the local thrift store (just be sure all the pieces are there)—either way you’ll get an idea for what you want when you’re ready to buy your own gear. Look around online and read what others have to say about different gear types or manufacturers. After doing our homework, we found that most seasoned campers agree your sleeping bag and camp pad are the most important gear for enjoying your first stay in the wilderness. We know you’ll love TETON gear because at TETON you’ll find high quality camping gear at truly affordable prices. Our recommendation for the campsite or car camper is our highly rated TETON Sports Celsius sleeping bag line and Outfitter sleeping pad. Check out the specifications on all this great gear at And remember TETON Sports offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty on all our equipment, so you can feel confident when you choose TETON Sports. You can find all your favorite TETON gear at or Sportsman’s Warehouse.

The Backyard Campground

Try a dry run in your backyard first—set up your tent, use your equipment, and break in your sleeping bag, camp pad and cot. Some initial experience with your gear can help you feel more at ease when organizing your first campsite. A lot of the little things we might miss on a first night out under the stars can be caught in plenty of time when your tent door is facing the back patio. After all, if it takes a little longer figuring out your tent’s rainfly in the backyard you won’t feel uneasy as the sunsets on the first night and there’s still no shelter erected. And forgotten matches or dish soap are a quick fix when the kitchen is a hop or skip away.

Don’t get Overwhelmed

Hundreds of thousands of people still enjoy camping all over the world. We know if they can do it, you can too! The memories alone are worth the effort—so don’t pack it in at the first sign of trouble. If you have any questions, there are a myriad of resources on the internet alone. We highly recommend our Adventure Blog and #hikerchat community advice. Also, feel free to post any questions of your own here in our comments section. Our highly skilled camping compatriots are happy to answer your questions. And if you’re already a seasoned adventurer, please add your favorite tips as well!