Camping Trips at Home

Camping Trips at Home

By: Mikayla Koeltzow

With almost everyone spending more time at home this year, and as winter approaches us in the states, this is the perfect time to plan fun adventures close to home. Or literally, right inside your home. This can mean anything from driving a short distance from your home, to clearing out space in your very own living room!

Camping in a House

So, you have decided to set up a fun camping trip inside your home? This is reminiscent of making couch cushion forts and throwing mattresses to fill the floor for sleepovers when we were kids. That is why this option is so exciting, you don’t have to be a kid to still relive your childhood experiences.

To get started, pick a room inside your home that can be cleared enough to make space for sleeping. Once the area is cleared out, set up your sleeping space. For padding you can use a mattress, foam pads, blankets, couch cushions, or really anything you find comfortable. Next is a bunch of blankets and pillows. For the structure you can use a tent, or if you don’t have one, you can also drape up some blankets or sheets. And last but not least, fairy lights for the finishing touch!

Backyard Camping

Prefer to camp outside, but want the convenience of your house (aka your bathroom and kitchen) just seconds away? Then the backyard is the perfect option!

Make sure to check the weather for the day(s) you choose to camp. Depending on the weather, you may want to setup a tent. But if it is warm enough and the skies are clear, you may be able to sleep out in the open and hopefully get a view of some beautiful stars. Be sure to place your sleeping setup on as flat of ground as possible. Arrange your pads, sleeping bags, and pillows as usual. Be sure to have your flashlight handy for any nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Car Camping

This option gives you the security and added warmth of being inside but also makes it so that you can easily camp in your own driveway one day, and drive your portable bed out into local nature and wakeup wherever you choose for the next day.

You will need a vehicle that you can comfortably sleep in, ideally an SUV or van that is able to be converted into a flat space in the back. From there, you just need a form of padding such as camping pads, foam mattress toppers, or an inflatable mattress. Be sure to also pack plenty of blankets or sleeping bags, and pillows!

Camping Close to Home

Ready to get away from home, but want to stay local? Search for local campsites or backpacking locations that allow overnight camping, or BLM land near you for dispersed camping.

For this option you will need to bring plenty of food and water, a tent, sleeping bags, camping pads, pillows, and appropriate clothing for the weather.

What to do While Camping

Tasty snacks and treats are always recommended for any type of camping. For entertainment, you can always watch movies or TV shows on your phone, TV, or laptop. For more classic alternatives, books and card games are great options. If you are with family or a friend, stay up late chatting about anything and everything. Whatever you do, hopefully this inspires you to create a fun little camping memory in any atmosphere!

About the Author:
Mikayla Koeltzow

Mikayla is always looking to see new places and experience new things in order to slow life down and create unique memories. Photography and writing are her absolute favorite ways to document these moments. When not working or relaxing with her dog, you’ll most often find her (and her dog) hiking, backpacking, camping, road tripping, or hanging out with friends and family.