Mountain Ultra tent and Oasis packs on the beach

Celebrate Clean Beaches Week with Teton

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Our beaches are an important part of our ecosystem and a beautiful place to visit. It is important that we keep them clean and maintain the homes of the wildlife who live there. Clean Beaches Week is July 1st - July 7th and we have compiled some of our favorite ways to enjoy the beach and keep it clean. 

Tips to Enjoy the Beach & Keep it Clean

  1. Beach camping is a blast, where permitted. Our Mountain Ultra tents are perfect for a site in the sand, but be sure to bring a trash can or bag along and leave the beach the way you found it (or cleaner!).
  2. Stay hydrated by bringing a hydration pack instead of plastic water bottles. You only need one and you aren’t creating additional plastic waste!
  3. On the topic of cleaning, a trip to clean up the beach is a great way to spend an evening. You can even find sea shells, bring a friend along to chat with or just enjoy the views while you do it. All you need is a trash grabber tool or gloves and a trash bag to make a big difference!
  4. Learning a new skill like surfing is a wonderful way to enjoy the ocean without creating a mess. If surfing isn’t your thing, there are other water sports you can learn too! 
  5. If you like the beach, but don’t like to be in the water, you can try out some beach sports like volleyball or rugby. Bring the whole family and get outside and be active. 
  6. Building sandcastles and sculptures is a fun way to enjoy the beach, but plastic sand toys are often left in the sand or swept into the water. Be mindful while you’re building and be sure to grab everything you brought when you leave. 

Have fun! You can have as much fun as you want to at the beach, as long as you keep it clean. Happy Clean Beaches Week!