How to Cook a Mountain Man Burrito

How to Cook a Mountain Man Burrito

From the TETON Sports Adventure Hub Video Series, we bring you our famous Mountain Man Burrito. This recipe is designed for an on the go adventure, like backpacking or an all day hike, but delicious enough for any one of your favorite outdoor occasions!

Here’s a list of ingredients for this recipe:

- Dehydrated Eggs (spicy variety)

- Cooking oil

- Water

- Tortillas


- Grated cheese

And for the Awesome Sauce:

- Dehydrated salsa

- Ranch dressing

To begin, boil the water to rehydrate your eggs (see the directions on your specific package). Get these going so you can work on the other elements of the burrito as the eggs set up. Now, fry up your bacon—this is where that cooking oil comes in handy! Up next is the awesome sauce. Rehydrate your salsa by following the instructions on the package. Set a portion of the salsa to the side for stuffing your burrito. Then, add an equal portion of ranch dressing to the salsa that is left. Awesome Sauce is a one-to-one ratio of salsa to ranch dressing.

Finally, construct your meal. Fill a tortilla with the eggs, two strips of bacon, cheese and salsa. Fold your tortilla over the filling by first tucking the short ends and then folding up the top and bottom. Add the awesome sauce to the top of your burrito bite-for-bite—Delicious! We know you’ll love our famous Mountain Man Burrito. Be sure to visit the Adventure Hub again for more tips that enhance your outdoor experience. Adventure On!