Don’t Leave Home Without These Adventure Travel Essentials (Part 1)

Don’t Leave Home Without These Adventure Travel Essentials (Part 1)

Adventure travel grants us the opportunity to enjoy a completely foreign environment while engaging in our favorite activities. On your next overseas adventure, don’t leave home without these essential adventure travel items.

Quick Dry Towel

Quick dry towels come in handy in a variety of situations. Not only are they perfect for outdoor excursions in wet environments, but they can also double as a blanket. Keep your hotel towel for cleaning off, and use the quick dry towel for all the gritty, dirty, sandy adventures you can handle.

Sleeping Bag Liner or Sarong

Adventure travel sometimes demands less-than-ideal sleeping accommodations. For example, you may end up at a place where the bedding is suspect at best, or simply non-existent. Avoid discomfort by packing a sleeping bag liner or a sarong. Keep bugs at bay while sleeping under the tropical stars with a sleeping bag liner or sarong. Sarongs have the added benefit of becoming scarves, beach blankets, cover-ups, and more.


I stayed at this fantastic beach hostel for several nights after trekking through the jungles of Colombia. Every night the jungle rain would crash down on us. One night it rained so hard the electricity went out. We were stuck without power for over 16 hours. My group got their headlamps together and pointed them at the disco ball hanging in the open-air dining area. This kept the party moving into the night. Just because you have electricity, doesn’t mean you don’t need a headlamp.

Water Purifier and Reusable Water Bottle

Adventurous travel often involves being in places where the water is unsafe to drink. Instead of relying on disposable plastic bottles, opt to filter your water instead. Often times, countries without potable tap water do not have the resources to properly dispose of plastic. Instead of being part of the problem, use a backcountry squeeze filter or a UV filter like a SteriPEN to treat the tap. Do your part and bring your filter the next time you venture overseas.

Reusable Grocery Bag

Infinitely handy, a reusable grocery bag makes for a great travel companion. It packs down nice and small, weighs nothing, and has a variety of uses. If you like to shop for snacks and food while away, you can avoid using plastic bags. Or perhaps you have some beyond dirty clothes, stash them in the bag. Alternatively, if you are traveling with just a carry on, use the bag to keep a few essential items under your seat once you’ve passed security.

Travel or Camping Pillow

A portable pillow isn’t just for long-haul flights. These nuggets of comfort come in handy when the crummy hotel pillow just doesn’t cut it. It can also be used in between your knees, alleviating pressure on your hips and allowing you to have better alignment while you sleep. They are especially helpful when you encounter an uncomfortable mattress.

First Aid Kit and Sewing Kit for Travel

Your hiking first aid kit acts as a great first aid kit for travel. Make sure to add a few items, like re-hydration salts, stomach medication, and any medication prescribed by your doctor prior to your trip. A sewing kit complete with a little tenacious tape comes in handy should something rip or tear during your overseas adventure.

Phrase Book or Translator App

A little language know-how can take you to some wonderful places. I’ve ended up in the homes of locals in rural communities, simply because I tried to say, “Hello, how are you?” in their mother tongue. Before you go, brush up on the local language. Try to learn a new phrase each day and try it out. Browsing through a phrase book or translation app is a great way to pass the time while you are riding that bumpy bus to the next town. Outdoor gear and household items have multiple uses when you’re in a foreign land. Now you’ve got even more reason to bring your favorite piece of outdoor gear with you when you travel.