Six Excuses to Go Outside!

Six Excuses to Go Outside!

Excuses...they're always seen as something negative. You know, the elaborate excuses you fabricate to get out of work early or to stay in bed late. People tend to see excuses as a way to get out of something miserable. But...what if we changed that up!? What if we made excuses to do something awesome instead. get outside!

Rather than thinking up excuses to avoid your run or to stay on the couch longer, let's make excuses to get up + get outside.

Excuse #1: The Sun Is Shining!

Who knows, maybe it'll be rainy + cloudy + icky tomorrow. The fact the sun simply exists in the sky above you is an excellent excuse to pull on your socks, lace up your shoes + head outside! So what if the forecast says it'll be sunny tomorrow too, remember the last time the forecast was perfectly accurate? Yea, neither do we!

Excuse #2: The Sun Isn't Shining.

Okay, so the weather isn't perfect. That sorta sucks, but it also means the trails will be empty + you'll be able to shamelessly take all the selfies of yourself romping around in the rain or dodging snowflakes. Take those photos back home with you, flaunt them on social media + soak up all the 'you're crazy' comments. Feel awesome for getting out there when no one else did!

Excuse #3: You're At Work.

You get a lunch break, right?! At least you usually get a lunch break. If not...someone needs to take the trash out or you forgot your water bottle in the car or...make up an excuse! This is all about excuses! Find an excuse to leave your office or ditch the counter or escape the retail aisles. Even if you only get outside for 10 minutes, soak up that fresh air!

Excuse #4: Your Hurts!

Guess what?! In most cases, a little movement of those achy muscles is a good thing. We're not encouraging you to go out + take on speed work or a multi-day adventure when you're hurt or injuries. We're simply suggesting you use the 'need to warm up the muscles' excuse to go on a short hike or a long walk around the neighborhood. Use this time outside to warm up your aches, then flop down on your front stoop to stretch out the aches. Trust us, warmed up muscles stretch happier than stiff muscles!

Excuse #5: The Dog Looks Comfy!

Ha. The one time you shouldn't let a sleeping dog lie is when you're looking for an excuse to venture out of your house. Seriously. Go put on your shoes or rustle your jacket...that dog of yours will be up + bouncing around your feet in a split second! Sure, they looked prepared to sleep through the apocalypse when you were next to them on the couch, but no dog will ever turn down a chance to get outside!

Excuse #6: Life Is Dumb + You're Grumpy!

Harumph. Grumble. Whine. Rant. Life isn't always easy + sometimes it straight up sucks. The actions necessary to get yourself outside seem far more demanding than the act of just sitting on your couch to complain. Don't let yourself get sucked into that hole! Force yourself off that comfy couch + out that front door of yours! Just walk around the block...that may be all you need. Fresh air + a little time away from the pressing demands of life, work + social media may be all you need to turn that frown upside down! Trust us...

Bonus Excuse: You Want To!

Let's be honest -- no one actually needs an excuse to get outside. The simple fact that 'the mountains are calling' is an adequate reason to layer up + head outdoors. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You may need excuses to skip out on real life responsibilities, but going outside is a very real way to choose you + give yourself some serious self care. We're here to give you excuses to get outside, even though we don't necessarily believe you need excuses to do so. The outdoors are a very true form of 'trail therapy' for many of us. Try it. You'll be amazed at how quickly a little sunshine + fresh air can boost your mood. Even on the worst days, getting out of the house + away from the four walls closing in around you can be your very own saving grace!