Couple cuddles around fire in sleeping bag while camping.

Fall Camping Gear Favorites

By Sorcha Szczerbiak

As the leaves start to turn vibrant colors and you notice a chill in the air during the early mornings and evenings, those are sure signs that fall is on the way. There’s no better time to plan a camping trip to fully experience the seasonal changes. Whether your excursion happens inside a tent or you camp in your car, these are some of our favorite things to bring on an autumn outing.

Canvas Sleeping Bags  

Canvas is an excellent sleeping bag material because its natural breathability promotes air circulation to keep you comfortable as temperatures change throughout the night. Our Bridger collection features canvas sleeping bags with plush lining for extra coziness. You can even use the two-way L-zipper to convert the bag into a camping blanket for an impromptu stargazing session or picnic.

The generous insulation and cinchable mummy-style hood help you stay warm, too. Select your Bridger bag in temperature ratings from -35 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit to match your expected uses. Consider buying the Bridger as a double sleeping bag — perfect for those romantic getaways. Alternatively, get the Li'l Bridger junior sleeping bag to help kids feel included and nurture an early and enduring fascination with nature.

Check out our Evergreen range of canvas bags, too. Their recommended temperature ranges span from -10 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on which one you pick. These bags come in stylish color options, letting you show your personality and complement the rest of your gear. You’ll also appreciate the interior smartphone pocket that saves you from fumbling around for your device in the dark.

Family stands in front of cots in field to show 3 sizes.

Camping Cots

Even the most enthusiastic campers who’ve dealt with challenging conditions prioritize staying as comfortable as possible. After all, that’s a practical way to stay well-rested and feel ready to explore at the start of each day.

Most of us can remember choosing what seemed like the perfect camping spots and later realizing the ground was rockier than it seemed. Sleeping directly on a tent’s floor can also become less enjoyable in wet weather. However, camping cots address those matters by bringing more consistency to your sleeping experience and keeping you off the ground.

Ours have patented pivot arms that make it simple to put the tightest end bar into the right placement. Then, you can set them up quickly, even when camping alone. The Outfitter XXL supports up to 600 pounds, making it especially robust.

The Adventurer Regular Camp Cot has the same thoughtful design, including fabric suspension that separates you from the frame while sleeping. Alternatively, go with the Universal XL Cot, which has a larger sleeping surface than the Adventurer Regular.

Since we know getting everything back in the car to leave a campsite often feels like a real-life game of Tetris, we’ve made these cots fold down to impressively compact sizes for hassle-free portability. For example, the Universal XL Cot measures 27" wide x 80" long when unfolded but is just 42.5" x 8.5" x 5.5" once packed. These cots all help you have home-like sleeping comfort while camping, ensuring you’ll wake up feeling refreshed.

Orange backpack sits on ground face up.

Hydration Packs

Some people make the mistake of bringing less water on cooler-weather camping trips than those happening in the peak of summer. However, regular rehydration is essential for camping safety. The combination of exposure to the elements and the physical activity done while exploring nature means you may need more water than you thought.

Our Oasis hydration packs help you carry it while keeping other supplies neatly organized and your hands free. The 18-liter version includes a 2-liter bladder and hydration ports on each side for better accessibility. Side pockets for water bottles also let you prepare for trips where you need to bring extra water due to planned activities or potential difficulties in finding safe sources along your route.

There’s also a 22-liter Oasis hydration pack, which has an additional liter of fluid capacity compared to the 18-liter pack. The reflective trim and accents make you more visible to others during dusk or dawn hikes. You’ll also find plenty of adjustment in the contoured and padded shoulder straps and the shoulder, chest and waist areas.

Family camps together around fire in field in the fall.

Plan Your Autumn Adventure

Once you’ve decided on a destination for your fall camping trip, check all your gear and make sure it’s ready to use. It’s also a good chance to look for ways to make your assortment more useful, including with some of the suggestions detailed here. Investing in durable, carefully designed products helps you enjoy years of fantastic trips where you’re well-prepared and eager to get immersed in picturesque surroundings.