Finding Ways to Adventure When Time and Money Aren't Always There

Finding Ways to Adventure When Time and Money Aren't Always There

Finding ways to adventure when time and money aren’t always there Picture this: You awake early on a Saturday morning. You stretch your limbs as much passed their ability as possible, just to crawl out of bed. A small victory, but one none the less. The sun is slowly creeping over the horizon, and your coffee is warming in the pot. Your mind floods with the seemingly boundless number of tasks you wish to accomplish. What a beautiful day, relaxing seems inevitable. After all, you’re exhausted from the work week, doing chores around the house, and taking care of the family... Now and again you just need a little bit of "me time". Take a moment to let the mind unscramble and regroup. I know you've been there... I know I've been there. I get it, it's easy to just chillax at the homestead and veg out on the weekends. Your desire to not be engaged when you're not at work is overwhelming. The weekend is for relaxing, or adventuring right? But at the end of the day, the chores need to get done. And there never seems to be enough hours in the day to make it happen... But there almost certainly is. I know what you’re thinking: I work a full-time job, 40+ hours a week. I'm a single parent who doesn't get much help. I have a house, and a yard to take care of. That's a lot of work and responsibility, upkeep. The daily grind is too much to stay effective. And even if I had the time, I don't have the money. Traveling and adventure cost too much to make it happen regularly.

But there are a few things you can do to make adventuring a little easier of your schedule and your pocket book. Here are a few tips to help make it possible:

1- Go to the climbing gym, it may not be a real adventure, but it may clear your mind and give you a little "me time" you so desperately need. Plus, you'll probably find you have more energy after doing a regular workout. Your body will be tired at first, but it will adapt to the physical activity, and have you ready when real adventure time comes.

2- Do 1 or 2 chores on the week days after work. I find you're more apt to do cleaning and yard chores after you have been working all day. Your mind is in work mode instead of relax mode, get started as soon as you get home. Your motivation tends to spill over from work.

3- Adventure can be found in the most unlikely of places. Spend a day at the park with the kids. Take a bike ride down the river walk, or maybe just a short evening or day hike in the canyon. At times, the simple adventures are the best.

4- Don't allow your chores at home to get ahead of you. If you clean up as you go, you usually won't fall behind. Make it a habit to put dirty laundry in the hamper, or load dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

5- Of course, choosing to live in an area where adventure is readily available always helps. If you don't have to travel far for it, you can easily make it an evening adventure and the cost is minimal. Most outdoors activity can be and are free.

6- Find adventure partners, not only will having someone to go with help motivate you, but it also eases the cost factor. Sharing rides and food cuts the cost in half. Join an online adventure group (hint: you can find them on Facebook or Twitter). The adventures they set up are usually with experienced adventurers, and the cost is shared, so it’s quite affordable. Plus you get the chance to meet new awesome people… BONUS!

7- Get a National Parks pass. They're only $80 for the entire year, and you can go as much as you want. National Parks can be expensive at $20 - $25 every time you go. 4 trips and the pass paid for itself. Plus, you will be seeing some of the most beautiful spots in the country.

8- If you are a little too poor for adventure, find a part time job that includes adventure. Working in a National Park, Guiding, or instructing. But be careful, if you guide or instruct freelance, be sure to know what you’re doing and insurance can be costly.

9- Try reviewing gear for companies. It may take a little while for them to open up their doors, but the more you do it, the more it comes your way. Gear can be expensive. If you do gear reviews, you get free gear, which will in turn open up your remaining funds for the actual adventure.

10- And finally, there’s always the option to work extra hard and extra-long hours during your desired adventures off season, then going AWOL when the season arrives. Quit the job and live it up until the money runs out. Now, I'd be lying if I said I get outside as much as I want to. I would prefer to be outdoors every day. I'm a single a father of 2 teenage boys, I own a home that is a lot of work to take care of, and I work a full-time job that includes working some nights, weekends, on-calls, even a midnight shift. Not to mention running a Blog site. Unfortunately, we do need to work, we need money to live, and many of us have responsibilities other than ourselves. I feel I am just as busy as most other people, and I find opportunities to make it happen. If you truly want something, you will set your goals towards it and it will become a reality. Remember, desire is still desire, but achieving is addictive.