Firefly Hammock

Firefly Hammock

By: Josh @rawtrails

Prepping for an adventure can seem like a daunting task to many. The essentials are easy to remember (tent, backpack, proper clothing, food), and the angst to get out the door and on the trails might leave you forgetting a thing or two (don’t worry we’ve all been there before). One of those items that I used to forget has now become a staple in my adventure gear list. My hammock.

In the past few years it seems like every company has come out with their own version of the “worlds best hammock”, as brands have attempted to tap into this market for a chill lifestyle. I’m guilty of it as well, as I own a few hammocks from across the board. The key in finding the right hammock is comfort, ease of use, and packability.

I love hammocking for many reasons. It’s a great way to relax with a quick nap, or to sit back and enjoy the scenery all around. Depending on how I set it up, I can have it work like a chair/swing, or I can stretch it out for a good night's rest. If there isn’t any rain in the forecast, my go to sleeping arrangement is under the stars in my hammock.

The Firefly Hammock is ideal for weight-conscious adventurers, weighing in at 0.9lbs (and the Rover Rope Tree Slings are a mere 6.60z). The tree straps also are 11’ long which helps provide additional length for finding the ideal location to sling your hammock.

When I first used this hammock I noticed how soft the material was in comparison to the parachute/nylon type fabric of many of the “other” brands. Teton Sports uses a 100% polyester material that is soft, durable, and easy to clean/quick to dry. The construction of the hammock also made it feel more open rather than the constricting feel of being in a pod. Needless to say, the Firefly is my new go-to hammock, and it remains in my car at all times ready for the next adventure.

About the Author:
Josh @rawtrails

Josh (@rawtrails) is an avid outdoorsman that lives for the weekend. His youthful spirit is ignited by exploring new terrain wherever he goes. Most weekends are filled with canyoneering expeditions throughout the Colorado Plateau, but he loves the logistics of piecing together trips involving multiple activities (backpacking, pack rafting, etc) to access remote locations deep in the backcountry.