Woman places bags inside tent.

From Car to Campsite, Sleep Happy in the New Celsius Sleeping Bag

By Pamela Sapio

When spending time outdoors, the value of a good night's sleep cannot be overstated. Few things are worse than waking up shivering, or drenched in sweat, or with kink in your neck or a weird cramp in your back because you just couldn't get comfortable during the night. However, I have learned over the years that the right sleep system (i.e., the gear you bring along to help you sleep comfortably in the wild) makes all the difference—and it begins with a quality sleeping bag. 

I recently took the new Celsius Sleeping Bag for a test drive on our July 4th camping trip and I have to say, I'm in love. These bags are not just gorgeous; they're the perfect sleeping bag for however you like to enjoy the Great Outdoors. For me these days, that means loading up the RV with my other half and our four dogs to spend some quality time in nature, but for you that might mean tent camping or road tripping in your car or van. Either way, the Celsius is your new go-to sleeping bag (unless you're a hardcore backpacker or one of those sleep-outside-in-winter types, in which case the ALTOS and LEEF lightweight mummy bags may be a better fit). 

Man and woman hold up two sleeping bags.

First, let's talk sizes. 

The "new" Celsius line is actually a redesign of the previous TETON Sports Celsius line. Not only were the bags given a cosmetic makeover with a really cool angled colorblock design in bright jewel tones, but the sizes were also streamlined to ensure everyone in your camp crew gets a good night's sleep. 

The new Celsius is the same as the previous regular size (80" x 33"), while the Celsius Grand is the same as the previous XXL size (90" x 39"). The Celsius Mammoth (double) sleeping bag matches the previous Mammoth size (94" x 62"), and it's what I use because I always have a dog—or two—in my sleeping bag at night. And, because the Mammoth is a 0°F bag, it did a great job of keeping us not too warm, not too cold, but just right. 

Finally, if you have little campers in tow, the Li'l Celsius (previously the Celsius Jr.) is made just for them. Measuring 66" x 26", it's 10 inches longer than most junior sleeping bags, which means your kids can use it as they grow. 

Next, temperature ratings.

The Celsius comes in three different temperature ratings: -25°F (Celsius and Celsius Grand), 0°F (Celsius, Celsius Grand, and Mammoth), and 20°F (Celsius, Celsius Grand, and Li'l Celsius). This makes it the perfect three-season bag, especially since most people like to enjoy the outdoors in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. 

Of course, one of the best features about these bags is that they unzip completely to become a super soft and warm camp blanket, which is perfect for those cool nights around the fire making s'mores. 

Girl running using sleeping bag as cape.

Other notable features. 

Coming back to that gorgeous exterior, the sleeping bag shell is a polyester taffeta blend that's not only super soft but also ridiculously easy to clean. I know this because we had a baked beans "incident" on our first night at the campsite, and luckily with just some cold water and a damp cloth, there was no trace of the spill. Suffice to say, these bags are dog-proof, kid-proof, and definitely in it for the long haul. 

The new Celsius bags feature a SuperLoft™ Elite fill, which traps more air for maximum warmth, along with full-length zipper and shoulder draft tubes. And because I'm one of those people whose head is always cold at night, I also love the cinchable mummy-style hood (which you don't always see on a rectangular sleeping bag). There's even a nifty interior pocket to tuck away my cell phone at night! 

Storing your Celsius is easy, too.

Coming back from a long camping trip is always a bit crazy, especially for us trying to unpack the RV and carry everything back into the house for washing or storage. With our new Celsius bags, we just squished them back into their handy stuff sacks (easy peasy!) and hauled them inside with the rest of our gear. Later we hung them up for storage using the built-in hang loops (genius!) and we can't wait to pack them back up for the next trip. 

If you've been looking for a new sleeping bag for you and your family, I definitely recommend grabbing the new Celsius. (You can get yours here.) You'll find the perfect size and temperature rating, and you'll have the best-looking bag wherever you travel!