Gear For Morning Spring Walks

Gear For Morning Walks

It’s certainly fun and memorable to plan trips that let you explore nature in another city, state or country. But, you don’t have to go far to appreciate the outdoors. Getting out into the fresh air while you enjoy the surrounding plants, flowers and wildlife can start with taking a walk in your neighborhood.

With warmer weather and longer days on the way, now is a great time to take advantage of the spring and kickstart your day with a revitalizing walk. If you have a dog in the household, it’ll love this new routine, too. Here are a few great things to get before you get in the habit of beginning spring mornings with walks.

A woman walks a golden retriever dog.

Proviz Waterproof Jackets

Damp weather or the threat of rain is no reason to cancel your walk! Proviz specializes in a huge assortment of waterproof jackets that make you ultra-visible to motorists.

Choose a fleece-lined option if the morning temperatures are still chilly in your area. You can even get a matching style to fit your pooch.

A man and a woman sip from their TETON Sports TrailRunner Hydration Packs while viewing the city from above.

TETON Sports Trailrunner 2L

Staying hydrated helps your body maintain a normal temperature, cushions your joints and more. But, if you’re already managing a dog leash or have your hands full due to pushing a stroller, you may not want to carry a water bottle that requires unscrewing the cap to take a sip.

Our Trailrunner 2L hydration pack is the ideal solution. Its cushioned bite valve helps you drink easily as needed. Use the handy micromesh outer pocket to stash treats for your dog or yourself.

Vandue Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Fleece Earmuffs

Staying cozy on your springtime walks is essential for ensuring you thoroughly enjoy them. These fleece earmuffs help you do that and keep listening to tunes or take phone calls during your stroll.

The touch-sensitive controls make your listening experience convenient. You can also use them for up to eight hours on a single charge with the included USB cable. That means they’ll have enough juice to last you through a good portion of each week before needing recharging.

Ilumiseen Rechargeable LED Dog Leash

Maybe you’re an early riser or have a packed schedule, so you’d prefer to plan morning walks to happen before the sun comes up. That decision gives you the opportunity to marvel at some superb sunrises. Dressing to be seen is a great idea for walks at any hour, but especially in the before-dawn or after-dusk periods. You must stay alert for vehicles around you, and realize how the gear you use helps, too.

The Illumiseen Rechargeable LED Dog Leash helps people notice your faithful canine, too. Choose from six colors and two lengths to suit your needs. Just one hour of charging time gives you five hours of illumination. The lifetime guarantee also provides peace of mind.

A woman sits alone on a bench at the top of a mountain during sunrise.

Make the Most of Your Mornings

Walking is a fantastic way to stay healthy, keep your dog happy and occupied and notice wonders of our natural world that you might overlook if on a bike or in a car. Planning nearby walks where you can use the gear mentioned here also helps you have a renewed appreciation of where you live.