How to Set Up Camp

How to Set Up Camp

Setting up your camp. The planning, packing, and travel are all behind you. You’ve checked in to the grounds and now the first real step to your camping experience can begin. Setting up camp in an organized manner with a little forethought will ensure your trip gets off on the right foot.

Scout it Out You’re going to be pitching your tent, cooking, cleaning, and relaxing. You’ll want to find areas for each of these activities, making sure they’re close but separate from each other. Help other campers in your group identify these areas, you don’t want to kill the local flora.

High and Dry Pick a spot for your tent that is level and slightly elevated. This will help you keep your tent dry, since water will tend to run downhill from the site, instead of pooling under your head. Then, set up your tent. Helpful tip: A practice run in the backyard may make this moment less stressful once you’re at the camp.

Get some Zz’s Sleeping away from home doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, you can even look forward to it with the right gear. A cot and sleeping pad added to your sleeping bag can make a big difference in how you sleep. Before you start setting up your cot, roll out your self-inflating camp pad so it will be fully inflated before you head off to bed. The sleeping bag tops off your luxurious bed away from home.

Soup’s On! A lot of campsites have a charcoal grill or fire pit on site for you, but if not, you can always refer to our post on how to make a fire pit for some good tips. Remember cooking at camp can often take longer than at home depending on your menu and gear—set up accordingly. And while we’re on the subject of food . . .

Don’t Feed the Bears! If you’re camping in bear country, it never hurts to keep a good eye on the grub. You may need to string your food up in a tree, at least twelve feet in the air to keep bears or other animals from getting your goods. Leave No Trace It’s always best to be a courteous group and leave the campsite better than you left it. Clear away all your own refuse and any that may have been left behind on previous trips. A good rule of thumb is to leave the site the way you would want to find it.

Let the Fun Commence! If you want to learn about winter camping check it out here: How To Set Your Tent in the Snow for Winter Camping – By: Low Gravity Ascents You’re all set for a great experience, and that’s just what we hope you have! Adventure On! TETON Sports