How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, Stay Alive Anywhere, and Still Keep Your . . . BRAAAAAIIINNNS!

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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, Stay Alive Anywhere, and Still Keep Your . . . BRAAAAAIIINNNS! With Halloween season in full swing we, here at TETON Sports, are putting our best foot forward in the face of impending doom! As a wise eleven-year-old once said, “If you’re ready for the Zombie Apocalypse, you’re ready for anything.” So we compiled this short review of items and attitudes necessary to survive just such an event. T

ake Your B.O.B. With You (Your Bug Out Bag) First off, you’ve got to have the right bag. May we humbly recommend any of our UltraLight backpacks. Check out all their cool features right here at. They’re highly rated for adventuring of many kinds or if zombies come with catastrophe in their wake—you’ll love it for just such an occasion!

In an upcoming series, we’ll share tips on packing for a two or three-day adventure. Most everything you need in your bag is in this post, but in the meantime here’s a list of categories so you will feel confident when the zombies come knocking:

1) Water You can only survive for about three days without it, so store up or know where you can find clean water in the event that you need to evacuate your area. The CDC recommends one gallon per day per person.

2) Food You could make it nearly three weeks without food, but who really wants to? Be sure your B.O.B. is loaded with non-perishable food items your family will eat during an emergency.

3) Tools This category takes some personal consideration. Every recommended list you read will disagree with the previous one, so practice camping with your gear so you know what you prefer, whether it’s a sturdy knife or a hatchet, a certain length of rope, or a zipper bag full of fire starters. Practice, in this case, brings priceless peace-of-mind! *Don't forget your ice axe!

4) Shelter The same perceptive eleven-year-old wants a pop-up tent for his B.O.B. because he wants to be highly mobile during a Zombie Apocalypse.

5) Sleeping Arrangements Survival becomes a mind game as much as a physical reality when you’re up against the legions of the undead. We will all need a warm, comfortable sleep during the worst of it, so don’t forget our advice to always hike (or in this case flee) with a buddy so you can each keep watch for the other when you can afford to stop and rest.

6) Clothing Want to look your best while fleeing for your life? Check out our post on hiking tips for the best ways to dress while hiking (or running and screaming) at the Adventure Hub

7) First Aid This is a great video to help you with this portion of your B.O.B. (just add a zombie bite kit and you’re all set)! Preparing your first aid kit

Don’t Give Up Your Location One last skill that just may save your bacon is called a Dakota Fire Pit. It’s great in the face of wind or for hiding from hungry zombie invaders. Dig a large hole around 12” wide and deep. Then dig a smaller hole next to your pit that will connect underground and act as a vent to your fire (no signaling the walking dead while cooking)! It looks like this: For video instructions, go to: Dakota Fire Pit You Are Not Alone!

The TETON Sports community is full of campers, adventurers, and survivalists who know a thing or two about getting prepared for “the big one.” Whether it’s a big adventure, an earthquake, or undead minions as far as the eye can see—we know how to get it done! Join us on #hikerchat at Fridays at noon EST with any questions or recommendations you may have. Or contact us anytime. Stay alive, fellow humans! TETON Sports