Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day While Camping

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day While Camping

Undeniably lucky are the outdoors lovers who find each other and decided to date—it’s a rarity that calls for some trailhead ingenuity (like DIY doublewide sleeping pads), especially as we near Valentine’s Day. Just in time for February 14, here are some tried-and-true ideas for igniting a little spark on your couples camping trip—and I’m not just talking about your camp stove.

Make a DIY doublewide sleeping pad

I’m sure you’ve already thought of using those opposing zippers on your sleeping bags to make a down-filled love nest, but nothing kills the mood like having to wake up every twenty minutes to adjust your sleeping pads. Allow me to present the cheapest solution I could think of: the DIY doublewide sleeping pad. Take an old sheet and spread it out. Fold it in half and lay your sleeping pads on it, using a market or chalk to trace the outline of each onto the sheet. Using a sewing machine, make stitches along the outsides, bottoms and between the two sleeping pads. You should now have two side-by-side pockets—just squeeze your sleeping pads inside and your new project should keep them from spreading apart while you snooze, or the or the ComfortLite XXL camp pad (you can attach 2 together).

Guarantee a flattering selfie

A telltale sign you spent the weekend alone with your hunny? The obvious “we forgot the tripod so we put the camera on self timer and stuck it on a rock ledge which is now visible in our picture” portrait (That’s not a thing? Well it should be, it’s all over Facebook). Take pictures of the two of you together by investing in a telescoping extension pole—it’ll let you take self portraits from flattering angles without having to prop your lens up with rocks.

Keep it cozy

For an avid hiker, this is probably the oldest trick in the book, but if your SO isn’t familiar, prepare to impress: Take an empty Nalgene, fill it with hot water and place it at the bottom of your sleeping bags before you start snuggling—the heat will help warm up your bags and keep toes from getting frosty as the temperatures drop.

Make something sweet for your sweetie

Comfort food is essential on overnight trips of this variety, so plan on packing something you can make over the fire or a camp stove. I love making honey sticks: buy a tube of dough from the store and roll it into thin, small ropes. Take the ropes and twist them around a thin branch and roast until firm and golden-brown. Drizzle with packs of butter or honey (find them at almost any gas stop with fresh food and stock up!).

Watch the sunset

You’d be surprised how many people abandon a good vantage point in favor of setting up camp. I say bring extra batteries for your headlamps and stick around for sunset instead. It’s incredibly romantic to just stop and admire the colors with someone you love. Pack a few hand warmers or boil some hot chocolate and remember the best color show happens after the sun dips below the horizon. Share Your Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day While Camping. Have fun!