National Parks for Winter Adventures

National Parks for Winter Adventures

The winter is a fantastic season to explore some of our nation’s national parks. Even if you’ve been to some of them before, most of these sites look dramatically different once the cold weather hits.A sign for Mt. Rainer National Park.Washington State’s Mount Rainer National Park is an excellent place to check out if you’re ready for fun in the snow. That weather arrives beginning in late October and brings new recreational activities with it. Whether you’re up for a ranger-guided snowshoe walk, skiing or snowboarding, those are some of the many options to consider. Keep in mind, though, that the park has numerous winter-weather road closures. Check out the park’s website or social media feeds to get the need-to-know information before heading on a trip. A snowy forest landscape with a stream running down the middle.California’s Yosemite National Park is another gorgeous place to consider for winter adventures. Most of its waterfalls are almost always flowing, even though the river’s water levels are lower during this season. The park’s Badger Pass Ski Area is a popular spot for both downhill and cross-country skiing. There’s also the two-mile Washburn Trail, if you’re ready to stretch your legs. However, the ground is often snow-covered here, so you may need skis or snowshoes. A bird in silhouette during sunset with a lake in the background.

If you’d rather enjoy nature with less snow, Florida’s Everglades National Park is a fantastic winter-weather destination. November through April is the dry season here, and the most popular time to visit. That’s because the temperatures remain comfortable, though there’s still a chance of cold fronts coming through. You’re also highly likely to see plenty of wildlife but won’t need to deal with pesky mosquitoes while wandering through the park.

The Winter Is Great for Car Camping

Camping in a tent in the winter requires significant preparation and realistic expectations. If you’re not up for it this year, no worries! Your car can become a cozy and safe place to slumber after a full day of enjoying one of these magnificent parks.

A man holding a rolled up TETON Sports canvas camp pad while staring off into the mountains.

Start by packing the Outfitter XXL Camp Cot Sleeping Pad. It features open-cell foam for comfort, and an innovative roll assister to help you pack it up tight when it’s time to go home. The convenient carry handle makes this product perfectly portable.Two women snuggled up in a TETON Sports canvas mammoth sleeping bag.Then, combine the pad with our Deer Hunter -35˚F Canvas Sleeping Bag. Its fiber fill keeps you comfortable in temperatures well below freezing, so this bag is a great pick whether you’re sleeping outside or in your car this winter. The mummy-style hood cinches around your head, helping you retain body heat. Plus, the polyester canvas shell provides the durability needed for years of outdoor adventures.

Start Planning Your Next Winter Getaway

The winter gives you opportunities to try new sports, marvel at wildlife that are most commonly seen during this season and appreciate how natural settings often look so different during the coldest part of the year than at other times. Use the information here as inspiration as you figure out where to go next!