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National Parks Inspired Gear & Free Entrance

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Get into National Parks free on June 19th

During several holidays, national parks across the country allow park visits to be free, whether or not an entrance fee is usually charged for that national park. June 19th, in coordination with Juneteenth National Independence Day, national park entrance will be free, which means you should definitely get your adventure on. There are more than 63 National Parks to visit, all with their own unique beauty and sights to see. Whether you have one close by or have to make a trip of it, any national park visit is worth it. 

National Parks Inspired Gear

We at TETON are amazed and inspired by national parks. (So much so that we’ve named several of our products after places within them.) The best part is: You can bring this gear along on your visit AND do it for free! 

Signal Backpack: Named after Signal Mountain in Grand Teton National Park,  the Signal Backpack is designed to lead you through your journeys with reliability and style. Its rugged construction and thoughtful features ensure you're always ready for the next adventure, just as Signal Mountain has guided explorers for generations.

Highline Blanket: Named after the renowned Highline Trail in Glacier National Park, famous for its breathtaking views and rugged terrain. Just as the trail offers comfort and beauty amidst the wilderness, our Highline Blanket provides warmth and durability for all your outdoor adventures.

Numa Backpack: Named after Numa Peak in Glacier National Park with its durable design and practical features, the Numa Backpack is your steadfast companion, ready to support you on any journey just as the Numa outlook guides hikers through the rugged terrain. 

Acadia Blanket: Named after Acadia National Park in Maine. It is the easternmost national park and the first place in the continental U.S. to see the sunrise during the later half of the year.

Some fun facts about National Parks: 

  • On August 25, 1916 the National Park Service was established to manage and protect the country’s national parks.
  • The National Park Service protects over 84 million acres of wild landscapes and historic sites.
  • The oldest national park is Yellowstone, established in 1872. Not only was it the first national park in the U.S. but it was the first one on the entire planet.
  • Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve are home to one of the most endangered mammals in the United States: the Florida panther.