Reasons to go Backpacking

Reasons to go Backpacking

By: Meg Atteberry

We love the feeling of sleeping out in the wilderness. When you spend your day walking to your campsite, you get to truly disconnect and tune into nature. When you stay far from civilization, you’re internal clock resets and you get to truly unwind. Peaceful nights under the stars, simple meals, and experience the magic of your favorite environments are just a few reasons to go backpacking.

Really Earn Your Z’s

One of our favorite reasons to go backpacking is that you truly earn your sleep. While you don’t have to hike ‘til you drop, it’s still a tremendous effort to hoof it with your house on your back. Backpacking is more challenging than regular hiking, simply because of the weight. We love the reward of hiking to your camp spot. You’re challenged to only bring the essentials (and maybe that luxurious backpacking chair) and live a simple existence in nature.

Get Out There

The other great benefit of backpacking is that you truly “get out there.” When you’re walking on a multi-day journey, you get further from roads, civilization, and people. Sometimes you may be the only one on the trail for miles. Just you and the wilderness. Such a magical experience creates a connection to your favorite places that simply can’t be reached with a day hike. A sunset along your favorite trail shouldn’t be missed. There’s magic to walking your favorite trails in the early morning light while listening to the birds. You don’t have to go far to get out there, it’s more about enjoying stunning landscapes while most hikers are at home.

Challenge Yourself

Backpacking is a tough sport. Putting over 20 pounds of weight on your back and walking for multiple days is a real physical and mental challenge. It’s why we keep coming back to backpacking every year. No, you don’t need to break a long-distance mileage record to be a backpacker. But just the act of getting out there and challenging yourself pushes your boundaries and lets you grow. When you’re uncomfortable, new ways of thinking open up to you. Trying something new, like spending a few nights without cell service in the woods or even sleeping on the ground, let you discover just how strong and capable you are. You get to process a lot of the noise of daily life and really tune into your true self. There’s a magic about this that really makes backpacking something special.

Discover the Wild

Backpacking enables you to get further into nature. Explore beyond the bend, over the next hill, and more. You can combine backpacking with some of your favorite past times. Bring along a fishing road and catch your dinner. Pack your climbing gear and tackle a challenging peak. Or just set up a basecamp and do some day hiking from your tent. Whatever it is you enjoy, you can do it while backpacking. Having an activity while you backpack makes your outing more engaging and fun. It’s a great way to freshen up your backpacking trip and enjoy the farthest reaches of nature.

Bond with Your Buddies

Backpacking offers up a great way to socialize. Head out with a friend or small group and enjoy nature with your besties. Make some memories and explore new places together. It’s like a sleepover you have to work at just a little bit. Backpacking with friends is a fun-filled way to spend a weekend. Even if everything doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d like it, you’ll remember the hiccups and have someone to chuckle with about that one time you got rained on all weekend. Backpacking brings the best of nature directly to you. Sure it isn’t as cozy a car camping and it’s more demanding than hiking, but you’ll have an unforgettable experience sleeping under the stars, deep in the wilderness.

About the Author: Meg Atteberry

Meg ditched the 9-5 world as an architect in pursuit of adventure. Now a freelance writer for the outdoor industry, she’s made it her life’s work to inspire others to say “yes” to adventure. From the remote wilderness areas of Colorado, to exploring a foreign country, Meg specializes in off-beat destinations for the intrepid soul. You can find her in the backcountry searching for the perfect camp spot in her home of Colorado.