Reasons to LOVE the First Day of Summer

Reasons to LOVE the First Day of Summer

By: Meg Atteberry

Is it just me or did winter and spring seem exceptionally long this year? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m thrilled summer is finally here. Saturday, June 20th marks the start of the summer season. Although the first day of summer might look a little different this year, there’s still plenty to get excited about.

When is the First Day of Summer?

This year, the start of summer falls on Saturday, June 20th. In a rare occurrence, the first day of summer falls on a Saturday. Plan a weekend of fun.

Celebrate Summer

Warm weather, campfires, BBQs, and long days celebrate the season of lush greens. Summer is arguably one of the best seasons of the year, and we are stoked now more than ever to celebrate.

We have to address the elephant in the room: this summer is going to be strange. We may not be taking that international vacation. Some of our favorite outdoor areas may remain closed. And the world feels like it’s turned upside down.

However, just because things look a little different, it doesn’t mean we can’t all still be kind. It doesn’t mean you can’t smile. A weird summer doesn’t mean it still won’t be fun. So chin up, let’s focus on what we can do. Let’s help our neighbor in need. Let’s unite under the summer skies this year and make the world a better place.

Water World

One of the best parts about the summer season is all the water-filled fun to be had. From kayaking to supping, or simply going fishing off the shores of your favorite lake, there’s lots to get stoked on.

Getting out on the water is a great way to celebrate summer. So go ahead, pack a picnic, put on your favorite sun shirt and let’s soak up the season (oh yeah, pun intended)!

Hit the Trails

Although you can hike year-round, there’s something special about summery hikes. Maybe it’s the blooming mountain wildflowers or the moody sunrises, but summer hikes are simply the best. Celebrate the first day of summer and hit up your favorite hiking trail! Just be sure to check that it’s open first.

Camp More

As things slowly begin to re-open, our favorite campgrounds are beginning to allow visitors. Most areas around the US are allowing dispersed camping or camping without amenities. Summer is the season for campouts, so get that perfect camping trip planned now! Just be sure to always leave no trace, check for fire restrictions, and make reservations in advance so you can enjoy the season of s’mores!

Be a Beach Bum

Even if swimming isn’t your thing, you can get your tan on this summer with some beachside fun. From lakes to oceans there’s plenty of sandy shores to enjoy. Bring your adventure pup and play in the sand. Relax by the seaside for a calming sunset. Enjoy life on the water’s edge this summer season.

Climb On!

Dreaming of sending that large tower of rocks? Us too! This year’s climbing season is well underway, but as the temps warm and the days grow longer, so does the climbing season. Get stoked to jump on your favorite routes this summer. Stay safe by always checking your partner, making risk-averse decisions, and climbing within your comfort zone.

Get Out on a (Local) Getaway

Who doesn’t love summer vacation? This year, celebrate the start of summer with a stress-free getaway. Sure, we still may be confined to local travel, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an array of fun adventures just outside your doorstep. Plan an epic road trip that includes your favorite outdoor activities. Visit lesser-known destinations and do a little exploring.

Don’t let the season of sun pass you by with these awesome activities for the first day of summer. Celebrate the first day of summer with a fun-filled activity you love.

About the Author:
Meg Atteberry

Meg ditched the 9-5 world as an architect in pursuit of adventure. Now a freelance writer for the outdoor industry, she’s made it her life’s work to inspire others to say “yes” to adventure. From the remote wilderness areas of Colorado, to exploring a foreign country, Meg specializes in off-beat destinations for the intrepid soul. You can find her in the backcountry searching for the perfect camp spot in her home of Colorado.