Scout 3400 Backpack

Scout 3400 Backpack

By: Desiree Hester

If you are new to backpacking or are simply looking for the perfect weekend backpacking pack, you are probably looking for one which is durable, affordable, and flexible to your needs. Recently, I took to the mountains of Utah’s rugged backcountry to test out the Scout 3400 Backpack to see how it measures up. After testing it out, I’m finding myself anxious to hit the trails again with this pack in tow.

Top Features

The pack (now in a new, sleek black color) fits a lot of useful features within its 55-liter frame. The pack is constructed with sturdy ripstop material which provided ease of mind along the trail. Included in the pack are several external pockets that allow for easy access to oft-used items. A feature I really enjoyed was a separate enclosure in the pack for storing a sleeping bag. Without having to remove any additional items from my pack, I could access my sleeping bag and set up camp quickly. This feature would be especially beneficial in the event of a rushed camp set-up during inclement weather.

If rain does strike, a built-in rainfly is located at the base of the pack and can be swiftly retrieved. The rainfly covered the pack securely without slipping off. The pack features 2 great options for storing water including an internal storage sleeve for a 3-liter water bladder as well as 2 mesh external pockets. As we had frequent access to water while backpacking, I opted to forgo the hydration bladder in lieu of packing 2 Nalgene water bottles, both of which fit snuggly within the mesh pockets where they were easy to grab.

Comfort Level

I was really satisfied with the comfort of the pack. At first observation the pack felt slightly heavier than the pack I have previously used but after toting around this pack on the trail, I found that it distributed the weight well and didn’t cause me discomfort in the shoulders or hips. The pack is versatile and has adjustable straps which allowed me to uniquely fit the pack to my frame. Strap adjustments are located at the waist, shoulders, and chest as well as a torso adjustment to suit diverse statures.

If you’re looking for a bag that can be used by various members of your family or perhaps a pack that can grow with a young backpacker, this one fits the bill. The pack also features generous padding on the shoulder and hip straps. Although the padding does add a bit of bulkiness, the added comfort was, in my opinion, a definite plus.

Overall, this pack is a great choice if you are searching for something that will offer quality and durability at a reasonable price point. The moderate size of the pack allows for just the right amount of space to fit all you will need to hit the trails on your next weekend getaway. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pack and let the adventure begin!

About the Author:
Desiree Hester

Desiree is a photographer, blogger, world traveler and creator of The Wayfarer Journeys travel website. Through her words and photos she aims to inspire others to dedicate more time to being in nature and to add outdoor adventure into every trip that is taken. Desiree believes that anyone can benefit from travel and time spent in the great outdoors- no matter their skill level. Whether in her beautiful home state of Utah or while traveling abroad, she can be found hiking, back packing, camping, snow shoeing, cooking a mean dutch oven meal or out on the lake with her wonderful husband and fearless adventure pup, Waldo. You can follow Desiree on Instagram at @thewayfarerjourneys