Sierra & Mesa Canvas Tents

Sierra & Mesa Canvas Tents

We have new canvas tents here for you, just in time for summer camping. We’re launching new Sierra and Mesa Canvas Tents, get all the details below and snag one for yourself today! Made of natural fibers, these tents are breathable, but water resistant. They’re perfect for year-round use. The treated cotton canvas keeps the water out of the tent, even if you bump a wall or the ceiling in a downpour.

Sierra Canvas Tents

Now’s the time to stake your claim and call your campsite home. The Sierra Canvas Tents give you the ability to set up a camp with ease and enjoy priceless views just outside the tent door. Relax and get a good night’s sleep, or roll up the side walls and enjoy the breeze as it flows through your tent. It was designed with a focus on living space, longevity, and gathering your people around you. Our only disclaimer is, be ready to talk about it because the Sierra Canvas Tents demand attention.

When you’re outdoors for that special occasion or much needed retreat and want to relax and enjoy your surroundings in comfort and style, the simple elegance of a Sierra Canvas Tent will be just the home-away- from-home you need. It’s ideal for every outdoor occasion from festivals to glamping getaways. The Sierra Canvas Tents include all the comforts of a standard canvas tent, like breath-ability, water resistance, and a sturdy structure. But is built so rugged that it’s ready for any occasion and will be with you for a lifetime. The best part is the zip-away floor that turns your beautiful tent into a stylish canopy. The one person set up is fast and easy with a single center pole and guylines with metal friction locks that run the whole perimeter of the tent to ensure it will hold up, even in high winds or snow storms. Designed with three top vents and four windows that prevent condensation. The mesh screen doors are independent of the outer shell doors to provide ventilation and privacy options. You can set up your tent at family reunions, hunting trips, outdoor weddings, and more. You’ll be the center of every event you attend because these beautiful tents provide perfect space and ambiance for gathering.

Mesa Canvas Tents

Whether you’re facing beautiful, warm weather or some of the worst storms, the Mesa Canvas Tent will still be standing while you prep for your next hunting trip or family adventure. This tent was thoughtfully designed by hunting enthusiasts and scores of family campers who spend months out in the backcountry in the snow, rain, and blazing sun. Their feedback led to a tent that has everything you need to fit your outdoor experience. The Mesa Canvas Tent is designed to transform your camping adventures. Canvas tents are great for breathability, strength in the face of the elements, and durability. The Mesa stands apart because it is also power ready with two e-ports, one on either side of the tent. You can run power to your lights, fan, or heater from your generator or solar panels. Yes, solar panels. The awning of your tent has built in gear loops so you can attach your solar panels to catch the perfect amount of sunshine and power your tent day and night.

The one person set up is fast and easy with see-through T-pole assembly to ensure the tent is pitched properly and a strong flex bar support that supports your tent, even in high winds or snow storms. We designed this tent with extra-wide doors that allow you to move your camp furniture in with ease. They have no-see- um mesh screens to keep even the smallest of pests at bay. Your tent includes six hanging organizers: Two large pockets, two multi-pockets, and two gear lofts. It also comes with its own pole bag, stake bag, and roll and cinch storage bag.