Sleeping in a Double-Wide Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in a Double-Wide Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in a Double Wide Sleeping Bag Who doesn’t love snuggling close on a cold night while camping out? If you need more cuddling space for you and that special someone, then a double-wide sleeping bag may just be the perfect companion. Like each of our sleeping bag categories, there are features to keep an eye out for when you purchase one.

The Temperature Rating Many manufacturers now provide a couple’s sleeping bag. TETON offers four fantastic options at two different temperature ratings. For the warmer seasons, look for ratings between 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit (TETON’s three season bags are rated at +20°F). On the occasion that you do get too warm, you can unzip either side or the bottom of your TETON Sports® Mammoth +20°F sleeping bag for added ventilation. For the campers who are adventurous enough to get out even when the temperatures really drop, the TETON Sports® Mammoth 0°F sleeping bag has all the same great features and a lower temperature rating.

The Width If you want to be able to snuggle or toss and turn, then a double-wide bag may be the best option. Know the dimensions of the bag before you buy. TETON’s Mammoth bags are as wide as a Queen-sized mattress which means you may be getting the same room you enjoy at home!

The Length You’ll want a couple’s bag that covers everyone. Our tall customers love the Mammoth bags because they will cover up the whole family—even if Dad is 6’7”.

The Lining If you can touch the bag before you buy it, be sure to feel the lining of the bag. Many double-wide bags are polyester lined, but not many of them have a brushed flannel finish like the TETON Sports® Mammoth series. Some of the highest ratings this bag receives are because of this feature. Last year, TETON Sports added the Fahrenheit Mammoth bags that have a 100% Cotton Flannel lining. It’s the ultimate luxury for roughing it on those cool camping nights.

The Zippers

"No one wants to deal with a zipper snagging in the middle of the night, and on a couple’s bag, we’re talking a LOT of zipper. The TETON Sports® Mammoth Sleeping Bag has a no-snag two-way zipper that makes it easy to get in and out without snagging it. You can also avoid disturbing your partner mid-sleep.

The other really cool thing about the Mammoth bag’s zippers is that you can join another bag to the one you have. In fact, you can add as many Mammoths together as you have on hand at camp!

The Stuff Sack When you see your double-wide bag spread out, you may be tempted to shrink in the face of getting it back into its compression sack. TETON Sports to the rescue, again! Just check out this video: And now you know for sure—it’s doable!

The Weight These bags are best for car camping since they weigh in at around 15lbs. But what a great camping experience they make! If you have a hard time convincing your partner that they will love camping with you, this type of bag could just be the tipping point to get them outdoors!

All Good Things . . . We hope you’ve enjoyed our series on the different types of sleeping bags available for individuals and families. We hope to see you back at the Adventure Hub soon! Read about our other articles explaining the key differences between traditional rectangular sleeping bags and sleeping in mummy sleeping bags. Get Outdoors! TETON Sports