Sleeping in a Traditional Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in a Traditional Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in a Traditional Sleeping Bag No one wants to shiver instead of sleep. Picking a sleeping bag with the right features is the best way to get that much needed rest. But how do you choose from so many sleeping bag innovations? At TETON Sports, we love the traditional sleeping bag for the comfort features. Here's our definition of comfort:

The Versatility You may be hard pressed to find a sleeping bag that is as versatile as the rectangular bag. It can be used as is or zipped to another bag to make room for more cozy campers. Most will unzip completely and become a blanket as well. At TETON Sports, you’ll find a size that is perfect for your stature. We offer junior sizes for youth and smaller body types up to XXL bags that are wide and long enough for linebackers! You can check out our selection right here at .

The Leg Room Other designs, like the mummy-style sleeping bag, constrict your movements. The traditional bag is the answer for the camper who prefers a variety of sleeping positions. And if your bag is well equipped with features like zipper and shoulder baffles, you can avoid much of the unwanted cold air that can seep in when you toss or turn.

The Temperature Rating At TETON Sports, our lowest temperature-rated sleeping bags are our traditional bags. If you’re cold weather camping or hunting, we have bags that are rated as low as -40°F! If you’re car camping you don’t have to be as concerned about the bag’s weight. Though the bag may get a bit heavy (our heaviest is 20 lbs), it will keep you warm!

So, the Bigger the Better? Not necessarily. You want a bag that will suit your specific camping needs. If you like camping in the summer in the Rocky Mountains, for example, you won’t need a bag that is rated below zero. Car camping individuals and families will appreciate lugging less weight, even from the car to the campsite. On the other hand, snowshoeing with your backpack calls for another type of sleeping bag—it’s about knowing your options. If you have any questions, or want the opinion of one of our high adventure customer service representatives, we love to hear from you! Just contact us at TETON Sport’s.

Get Outdoors! Camping season is here again! We hope this has been a helpful introduction to the traditional sleeping bag. If you have any sleeping bag selection tips you would like to share with us, please comment! Check out sleeping in a double wide sleeping bag or sleeping in a mummy sleeping bag! Adventure On! TETON Sports