Tent Talk

Tent Talk

You have hiked into the backwoods + pitched your tent. The fire is dying down + the stars are peaking between the tree's branches. Dinner has been eaten up + cleaned up. You can't think of any more card games to play + the warmth of your sleeping bag is calling to you. This is true camping -- a calm night without an agenda. As you crawl into bed + snuggle down into the puffiness of your sleeping bag you...reach for your phone. But there is no cell service. You have no way to check your Instagram feed or Facebook wall. There is no way to scroll through Imgur or scrutinize Google Now's headlines. Now what? If you're tucked into your tent with a fellow camper this is the perfect time to take on "tent talk". It's like pillow talk, but you can chat up anyone without feeling weird about it! Tent talk. As of this paragraph, it's a thing + you should try it. It's pretty obvious all the cool kids will be into it. You need to jump on this bandwagon, now.

Tent Talk Topics

So, now that we've established that tent talk is a "thing" what are we going to do with it?! We're going to use it to get to know each other, learn about ourselves + think up some crazy plans for our future. Collectively, all of us! Let's do this, one topic at a time. If you're tenting with someone you know well it's probably quite easy to fall into a conversation about life struggles, daily wins + future plans. If you're with someone you're just getting to know it may feel weird at first. Just remember, nothing is off limited when you're taking part in tent talk. Whatever is on your mind is free game...even if you're just sitting there thinking of nothing exciting or earth shattering. The best conversations + biggest epiphanies come from simple conversations that escalate into epic debates.

tents on ledges, mountain bikes, crash pads + slack lines...car camping done right!

You can start with the crazy, weird questions like "if you were reincarnated as an animal, which would you deserve to be?" or "tell me about the most trouble you got yourself into in elementary school.". These are odd questions, but they'll get you started...who knows where they'll lead. As the conversation ebbs + flows you'll learn about each other. You'll share random dreams, subconsciously create new goals + find new level to connect on. Heck, if all goes well you'll do more than learn about your tent-mate. The relaxed nature of tent talk lets you open up to yourself.

Tent Talk Tactics

With no way to Google the right answer you're required to think through or create the "right" answer to any questions; forcing your imagination to get to work. Once it's powered up your imagination can do crazy things -- let it! The lack of cell service also prevents you from checking the internet for college registration dates, international flight prices or recommendations from random strangers. While the seemingly pointless planning + banter may not end up playing out as you imagined within the four walls of your tent, it'll get you thinking. Thinking...with your imagination rather than you logic. Follow the winding trail your imagination lays out before you + go wild. You can always double check with the internet later...but now, it's all about you, your tent-mate + your imaginations. Talk your way into the night. Let every possible door open to a new, exciting opportunity + let that your mind run wild with those possibilities before real life can squash them!