The Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

The Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

By: Desiree Hester

As spring comes sweeping in, images of summer camping trips and smores by the fireside are filling my mind with anticipation. How about you? This time of year is opportune for taking stock of your gear and prepping for the fun camping season ahead.

Today I’m spotlighting one of the items I’ve been toting on my recent camping trips: the Celsius XXL sleeping bag. If you’re looking for a quality bag that won’t break the bank, this bag is for you. Once you try it, it is sure to be a staple on your car camping adventures for years to come. Let’s break down this bag and all its specs!

Temperature Rating:

The Celsius XXL has a temperature rating of -18˚C/0˚F. Most recently this bag accompanied me to Utah’s backcountry where nighttime temperatures slinked below freezing. Though I would recommend it as a 3-season bag ( in order to extend the longevity of the sleeping bag as well as adding up to 10 degrees of warmth, I always recommend investing in a good sleeping bag liner to compliment any bag) it handled the chilly, sub-freezing temperatures surprisingly well, keeping my core warm and doing a great job at blocking out the chill.

Added for extra warmth is a mummy-style hood which allowed me to nestle my pillow within the sleeping bag, keeping it clean and stationary. The cinched hood and shoulder draft tube aided in blocking my face from the brisk cross-breeze in our tent and provided additional cushioning around my head and neck.

Quality Level:

I have been impressed with the high quality to price point ratio of the Celsius XXL sleeping bag. This bag is affordable enough to fit nearly any budget without compromising on quality. It also includes unique details that set the bag apart from other sleeping bags I’ve tried. One of my favorite details is a pocket, located within the flannel lining, that is perfect for storing objects (such as a head lamp, keys or wallet) that require easy access. I loved utilizing the pocket to store my camera batteries where they could be kept warm, preventing the battery power from being zapped by the cold night air. The bag also features a sturdy, easy to use two-way zipper which allowed me to open and close the bag with ease both from within as well as from the outside.

Comfort Level:

The XXL size of the bag also boasts XXL levels of comfort. Working from the inside out, the inner lining of the bag is constructed of a soft, 100% brushed Poly flannel liner that left me feeling more like I was snuggled in my bed at home than sleeping in the elements. The bag also provides a luxurious amount of space. In the past, I have almost always sacrificed warmth by leaving my sleeping bag un-zipped in order to free up more space to sleep. The Celsius XXL is the first sleeping bag I have encountered in which I felt completely comfortable leaving zipped tight while still being able to roll over and stretch out with ease after a long day of hiking. Though the extra room lends to a heftier size and weight, the bag packed down tight into a sturdy compression sack, making it easy to transport to and from camp.

So, as you prepare for your next car camping adventure, be sure to check out the affordable, spacious and durable Celsius XXL sleeping bag. It is sure to bring you the comforts of home on your next trip in the great outdoors. Here’s wishing you an adventure-filled and comfortable camping season.

About the Author:

Desiree Hester
Desiree is a photographer, blogger, world traveler and creator of The Wayfarer Journeys travel website. Through her words and photos she aims to inspire others to dedicate more time to being in nature and to add outdoor adventure into every trip that is taken. Desiree believes that anyone can benefit from travel and time spent in the great outdoors- no matter their skill level. Whether in her beautiful home state of Utah or while traveling abroad, she can be found hiking, back packing, camping, snow shoeing, cooking a mean dutch oven meal or out on the lake with her wonderful husband and fearless adventure pup, Waldo. You can follow Desiree on Instagram at @thewayfarerjourneys