The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself

The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself

By: Meg Atteberry

Stuck in a quarantine hole? Don’t worry, we all are. With the pandemic affecting everyone’s lives it can feel like you can’t get away from your household. However, taking time for yourself is an essential aspect of self-care, and without it, we can’t be our best selves. Here’s how to find time to carve out some you-time, even if you are stuck at home.

Why Take Time for Yourself?

Even the most extroverted humans need a little solo time. You can process the things you are going through. Everyone has stress and solo time lets you relax and unwind.

Not to mention, having time away from friends, roommates, and family is an essential part of healthy relationships. Taking time for yourself enables you to get out on your own and not have to worry about others. This lets you refuel so you can show up and be the best version of yourself for others. Not to mention, missing those that you love is really nice - it reminds you of why those people are so important to your daily life.

Tips for Taking Time for Yourself

Here are a few handy ways you can carve out time for yourself every day. You can opt to carve out a chunk of time (think a day or more) or even just a few hours each day. Find something that fits your schedule and lifestyle for maximum results.

Get Outside

The easiest way to carve time out for yourself is to get outside. Go for a walk around the park, hit up your favorite neighborhood trail and go for a hike, or ride your bike. Moving your body and engaging with exercise reduces stress and increases productivity and happiness. You don’t have to go far or plan something epic. Even just a jog around the block helps to get your endorphins going.

Pamper Yourself

Another great way to carve out some solo time is to book yourself a self-care day. Go get a massage, meditate, use an app to do some yoga outside, or engage in some good old fashioned retail therapy. Find something that speaks to you and will allow you to disconnect from your daily routine. Be sure to book this time in so you can’t be tempted to cancel it.

See a Friend that Doesn’t Live with You

Another great way to get away and get some “you time” is to see a friend that doesn’t live in your household. Simply getting away and connecting with someone outside of your household is an excellent way to take some time for yourself. If you can, engage in an activity with that person. This allows you to gain some confidence and a sense of self. Making memories outside of your immediate household is an excellent idea if you find yourself always spending time with your family. You’ll gain a sense of independence while also socializing with someone that doesn’t share your roof.

Plan a Getaway

Sometimes, you just need more time away. Don’t be shy about planning a multi-day solo adventure. You can rent an Airbnb in a nearby town and unwind, go on a solo camping trip, or even book a trip to leave your area if you’re comfortable. Either way, set aside a good chunk of time to unwind and reset. This may be especially helpful if you’ve had a really stressful year and haven’t been able to feel like you’ve got time away from a stressful situation. No, it won’t make your problems go away, but it will give you a sense of perspective and some time to calmly process a stressful situation. You’ll also get a chance to feel like yourself and breathe a little - even if this is an action that is outside of your wheelhouse.

Self-care is essential to maintain healthy relationships. You can’t engage in a healthy lifestyle without some you-time. Don’t let being cramped indoors with the same people get in the way of your well being. Schedule some time for yourself to unwind and disconnect. You’ll feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

About the Author:
Meg Atteberry

Meg ditched the 9-5 world as an architect in pursuit of adventure. Now a freelance writer for the outdoor industry, she’s made it her life’s work to inspire others to say “yes” to adventure. From the remote wilderness areas of Colorado, to exploring a foreign country, Meg specializes in off-beat destinations for the intrepid soul. You can find her in the backcountry searching for the perfect camp spot in her home of Colorado.