The "Low Key" Adventure

The "Low Key" Adventure

"Go big or go home" is a phrase tossed around with...everything, by...everyone. Whether it's a risky play in a football game or a compilation of questionable choices during a night out or a group of friends taking on an aggressive trail; everyone loves to use this phrase an excuse to take a risk. Every risk comes with a story, why not make the story even bigger?! They aren't wrong. Probably. That said, going big isn't the only option. You really can have an incredible time + snag plenty of insta-worthy photos without tossing caution to the wind + risking your life. Let this be your permission slip to take it easy. Keep it simple, if you will.

a pre-work hike/walk along a paved bike path...not so adventurous, but oh, so worth it!

The Adventure

Technically speaking, anything that gets you outside can be a considered an adventure. This is especially true if you're accident prone, not-so-fluent with directions + willing to chase after "oh, that looks interesting" ideas. Even a trip to the grocery store can be adventurous if you opt to walk there then impulsively purchase more than you're reusable bags can hold + stubbornly trudge back home. You'll arrive at home to the rolling eyes of your significant other or roommates + a sense of stupid accomplishment. How does that not make you feel extra hardcore + adventurous?! Okay, so that may be a bad example. What we we're trying to point out is that you can have fun + get a bit of an ego boost doing nearly anything. You do *not* need to summit every high point in your state or run 2,017 miles in 2017 or earn yourself an insta-worthy view every single day. It is completely acceptable to find bouts of adventure in your every day life.

walking from the dentist office to a coffee shop with a numb mouth, in a blowing snow storm totally counts as an adventure + earned a latte, tyvm! #flawlesslogic

Finding Adventures

Your Adventure Mind Set

The first step to finding a simple, low-key adventure is to keep an open mind. Literally anything can become an adventure. Keep an upbeat, positive attitude about nearly everything. If you misread the bus schedule + there is no way you'll have time to sneak in a trail run before work, accept your fate. Rather than run trails, hope off the bus a few stops early + let your brain turn off as you walk into work instead. It's not perfect, but your never know what you'll discover along the way.

Your Adventure Posse

The second step to creating adventure in everything you do is to snag yourself some like-minded friends. Surround yourself by fun loving people who are quick to jump on a chance to go exploring + slow to judge the boring side of a low-key adventure. If you don't have this type of friend base readily available to you, create it. Be the person that regularly invites others along to...anything you do that could be more fun with more people. Encourage them to get outside + be that shiny beam of positivity, even when things to awry. Trust us, this is literally the most exhilarating part of low-key adventures...getting others to enjoy them with you!

Your Version of Adventure

Lastly, take a hot second to adjust your version of adventure. Remind yourself that not every adventure needs to be a giant, mind-blowing risk. It is completely acceptable to occasionally have a story that is far more entertaining than any photo you could share on Instagram. Let yourself relish the stories + memories more than the photos you can share with the world. It seems like a simple reminder + silly necessity, but in today's internet-based world it is a necessary evil.

walking to Target...because it looked pretty outside!

Sharing Adventures

If we're going to be completely honest, we do get a fair bit of motivation to go on big, glamorous adventures because they're fun to share with people. There is nothing wrong with this...unless we let it become a primary motivator. Also, don't let the sparkly glamour of epic trips take away from the humor + happiness you are able to find in a simple adventure. A simple adventure can get you just as many double taps, likes + views if you keep the story interesting. Tell you story with a creative flair + take pride in the fact you were able to find joy in something simple. It makes you more relate-able to the average human on this planet + it'll keep you authentic online. Simple, silly things...but things that we're all coming to truly value with all of the online oversharing.

an extra hike out the backdoor with Max, because, SUNSHINE!

Now that we've talked about low-key adventures -- share yours with us! Be sure to use #yourlead + #getoutdoors when sharing your adventurous photos on Instagram so we can see what you're doing with your free time. Even if it's only a 15 minute neighborhood'll probably be able to stumble upon something exciting outside. It is the great outdoors, after all!