The New and Improved ALTOS Ultralight Sleeping Bags

The New and Improved ALTOS Ultralight Sleeping Bags

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When you’re ready to step up your adventure, reach for the ALTOS Ultralight Sleeping Bag. This affordable set of technical sleeping bags are just right for your time spent exploring the backcountry. And because they’re designed with you in mind, you’ll be warm and comfortable all night.

Be Ready for Anything

The ALTOS Down Sleeping Bags come in three temperature ratings: The 20, 0 and -10, so you have a bag for the seasons you love to backpack and camp in the most. Each down bag has a lightweight, 20D nylon shell that compresses down tight for an easier carry to your campsite.

Responsible Down Standard (RDS) Certified

The down is responsibly sourced and certified (RDS) so you know that sustainable, humane practices were followed in the manufacturing of each bag. That means that our down is sourced from suppliers who do not force feed or live pluck the animal during down harvest.

Step Up Your Comfort

Our MTN-DRY (pronounced “Mountain Dry”) down is treated so you not only stay warm, like you can expect from down, but your bag will be dry too! Along with feeling cozy, you’ll have more room for your feet in the vaulted footbox. The hood is designed to contour your face to keep the warm air all around your head. And the zipper draft tube keeps the warm air from escaping through the teeth of the zipper.

Step Up Your Features

The ALTOS Sleeping Bags are easy to compress into their compression sacks, but they loft right up when you get them out at camp. It’s a backpacker’s ultimate sleep solution.

Synthetic Varieties Available

If you prefer a synthetic option with all the same great technical features and a down-like fill that will keep you warm and comfortable, reach for the ALTOS-S Ultralight Sleeping Bag. It comes in two temperature ratings (a 20 and 0). The ALTOS-S Bags are even more affordable and come with the same lifetime warranty we offer on all TETON Sports products.

Step Up Your Adventure

Now’s the time to take your adventure up a notch with a sleeping bag that won’t break the bank and will still offer you the technical features you need (lightweight, compressible, lofty, comfortable) for a week or more in the backcountry. We hope you’ll give them a try and let the quality to cost ratio surprise you. Get outdoors and Enjoy Life, adventurers!

~Your Friends at TETON Sports