Friends viewing a solar eclipse

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for the Total Solar Eclipse

By Angelika Brewer

On Monday, April 8th 2024, a total solar eclipse will stun and amaze viewers by darkening the sky and blocking out the sun completely. A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. Occurring twice about every three years makes this event one that you only get to experience every once in awhile, so we want to help you be prepared for your best solar eclipse viewing. 


It is not safe to look at the eclipse before or after it reaches totality, or the time when the sun is completely blocked, without protective gear. Solar viewing glasses (“eclipse glasses”) or a safe handheld solar viewer are absolutely necessary when viewing the partial eclipse phases. If you are in a place where the eclipse will be very visible (see NASA’s list of viewing places and times here) you may be able to pick up free solar viewing glasses from your local library or other local shops, so be sure to check with your community resources before purchasing them.


Solar eclipse glasses

You can often get the best view of an eclipse by hiking away from light pollution and building obstructions. Hitting the trails can be a great way to view the eclipse, while simultaneously getting outside and moving your body. Grab your TETON Numa 30L, our every day, every adventure backpack, and fill it with your hiking necessities and eclipse glasses and find a trail to enjoy. 

Plan ahead! If you are going somewhere else to view the eclipse, be sure to check the time it will be visible in the area you plan to watch it from. While it is a gorgeous sight to see, many people are surprised at how quick it passes, so you want to make sure you are where you need to be in time to see it reach totality. We have the Skyline Self-Inflating Cushion for you to sit comfortably on while you wait for the eclipse.

A couple relaxing with their Skyline pillow & cushion

Make it an adventure! You can hike, camp, or just spend some time outdoors while you wait for the eclipse. You could invite your friends and family out and have a barbeque or picnic before the eclipse starts. This will ensure that you are already outside and ready to view when the eclipse happens, you have a good viewing spot, and you are in good company and spirits. Get your Acadia outdoor blanket, pack it up in your backpack and make a day of it.