Couple snow shoes together in winter.

Unleash Winter Adventure with TETON Gear

By Ruby Holbrook

As the days shorten, the air thickens with cold, and frost dusts the ground, the urge to curl up and enjoy a long winter's nap begins to take hold. But here at TETON the escapades are just beginning. Whether you're shredding the slopes, braving the cold winter nights, or finding a warm escape at your local hot springs, take on winter like a true explorer.
3 people walk through the woods with backpacks.Ready to hit the slopes like a pro? Say hello to your new skiing BFF—the Numa Backpack! This trusty sidekick isn't just a backpack; it's the wingman you never knew you needed on the snowy adventure stage. Imagine this: you're mid-slope, craving a snack. Boom! Numa's got your back (literally). It's like having a personal snack genie, ensuring your gloves, munchies, and everything in between are just a zipper away. This particular daypack is also water resistant, which means no matter how many times you wipe out your gear will stay nice and dry. Now you’re ready to tackle the slopes with new excitement, armed with the Numa Backpack and the kind of swagger that turns a regular ski day into an epic winter tale. 

Friends sit together on porch in winter with camp blankets.Now this may seem hard to believe, but not everyone skis in the winter. I know you’re shocked. It's okay, deep breaths, in and out, there you go. The real question is, what are these people doing during the winter months? Well, these people (myself included) are out there conquering the snowy trails on our snowshoes, feeling like a true winter explorer, even though we might not ski. Now, the plot twist—during these icy hikes nature often calls for a break, and that's when the Acadia Outdoor Camp Blanket swoops in as my trusty sidekick. It's not just a blanket; it's my cozy cocoon with its Innovative fiber fill for maximum warmth, ready to turn a snowy pitstop into a cozy scene from my winter adventure diary. So, as I lace up those snowshoes and hit the trails, the Acadia Outdoor Camp Blanket is my partner in crime against the chilly elements and my go-to for impromptu laughs and picnics in the snow.

Woman sits in tent with mug in winter.

It's time to rev those snowmobile engines and meet the Grand Camp Pillow and Pillowcase—your winter adventure's coziest comrades! After you've conquered the snowy trails, with the wind stylishly rustling your hair (safely tucked under the helmet, of course), comes the grand finale—comfort that hugs you tighter than your snowsuit. Our dynamic pillow duo struts in like the unexpected heroes, ready to turn your post-snowmobile downtime into a snuggle-fest of epic proportions. Winter isn’t just about snow and speed; it's about sinking into serenity and snugness, and the Grand Camp Pillow Duo are your partners in the post-snowmobiling chill zone. 

Couple sits together wrapped in sleeping bag.

The perfect pairing for the Grand Camp Pillow as the stars emerge and the temperature takes a nosedive is the Celsius -25 Degrees Sleeping Bag. Engineered for the harshest cold, this sleeping bag becomes your ultimate cocoon of warmth, ensuring a tranquil night under the winter sky. When the chill sets in and the celestial show begins, rest easy knowing that the Celsius Sleeping Bag has your back, providing a snug sanctuary for a peaceful night's sleep amidst the winter wonder.

Whatever winter adventure sparks your joy, TETON gear will get you there!