7 Ways to Get Outside this Thanksgiving

7 Ways to Get Outside this Thanksgiving

You don’t need to succumb to being stuck inside this Thanksgiving. In fact, you can still carve up a mean turkey and spend plenty of time with friends and family. Add a new Thanksgiving tradition with these X ways to enjoy the outdoors over the holidays.

The holidays can be a tough time for an outdoor lover if your family likes to stay indoors. However, you don’t have to suffer from cabin fever this Thanksgiving with these ideas for getting the whole family outdoors on a little mini-adventure this holiday season.

Sign up for a Turkey Trot

Turkey trots are an excellent way to get outside on Thanksgiving day. These races can either be done as a serious running objective or as a 5k fun run. The point is to get outdoors and move those legs. Most turkey trots benefit some kind of charity too, making them a great way to raise money and give back this Thanksgiving.

Go for a Scenic Drive

Instead of hitting the mall on Black Friday, pack the family in the wagon and head out for a scenic drive. Visit a nearby state or national park, head to a scenic overlook for sunset, or go on a scenic drive and hike. You don’t need to make the plan complicated, just focus on getting outside with loved ones and enjoying the beautiful fall scenery.

Play in the Park

You don’t need to go far to get outdoors this Thanksgiving. Pack up a few snacks, grab the dog, maybe even a football and hit the nearest park. Spend time walking around, relaxing, and playing games. It doesn’t need to be epic, it just needs to bring a smile to your face.

Go for a Family Hike

If you live near a hiking area, gather the family and go for a short hike. Pick an easy, scenic, few-mile trail to enjoy with friends and family the day after Thanksgiving. Pack some leftovers (desserts encouraged!) for a trailside snack.

Plan a Warm Weather Camping Trip

If you’re lucky enough to live where the weather is mild during Thanksgiving, consider switching things up with a Camps-giving instead. Gather the family and pack up a Thanksgiving feast to make fireside. Make memories by spending the weekend (or just a night) under the stars.

Catch a Sunset

You don’t have to get far to get outdoors, in fact, you just need to step outside of the house. Bring some hot cider and plenty of toasty blankets to a nice sunset perch outside. You can go to your favorite park, a nearby scenic vista, or even just hang out in the back yard. Again, think simple and low-key to encourage everyone to give it a go.

Carve Time for You

If you absolutely can’t convince anyone back home to get outdoors, don’t be afraid to carve out a few hours for you. Go on a solo adventure and discover a new part of your home town that you haven’t been to. Find a nearby hiking or running trail. Go for a bike ride. Do whatever outdoor activity suits you. You’ll love the chance to connect with nature and feel refreshed for spending time indoors with the family.

You don’t need to go far to have a fun-filled outdoor Thanksgiving tradition. Take some time with your loved ones to get outside and enjoy the fresh air this holiday season with these easy outdoor activities perfect for some holiday cheer.