4 Reasons to go on a Winter Adventure

4 Reasons to go on a Winter Adventure

It’s cold...because it’s winter. But don’t let that cold keep you indoors! It’s tempting to roll yourself into a blanket burrito but fight the urge! Instead, dig up an extra pair of leggings, pull on all your puffy jacket + burrow into that scarf. You’re going outside! Why!? No, really, why!? Why would anyone voluntarily head into the frigid cold of winter for a hike? Welp, we have a few reasons of you...although, you should only need the first one!

#1 Snowy Trails are Stunning!

Let’s start with the really obvious reason to get outside in the chilly snow -- it will be absolutely beautiful. No, seriously, it will. We triple pinky promise. While we have little doubt that your go-to trails are gorgeous in warmer weather too there is something special about a cold hike to make them all the more stunning. Everything will be covered in snowy glitter. If you’re brave enough to venture out before the sunshine melts away the crystals you’ll also be surrounded by gem laden trees. Don’t believe us? Get yourself outside, scope it out + let us know how wrong we are .

#2 You Get to Break Trail!

Alrighty, before you give us an eye roll that screams ‘...but that’s extra work’ let’s think about this for a second. There’s no lying, breaking trail requires a bit more work than plan ol’ plodding along on dirt. But don’t let that deter you. Have you thought about the perks of breaking trail? Off the top of our head we can think of two. First off, you are the FIRST person out on that snow! If there are rabbit tracks hopping through the woods, you’ll see them! If you want to tromp out some snow art, you have the entire snowy meadow waiting for your creative streak. The same goes for snow angels. There are no limits! Better yet, untouched snow glistens like crazy! You’ll get to soak it all up, staring until your rolling eyeballs freeze. You’ll also be tempted to snap a few photos that’ll look stunning on Instagram! Secondly, the extra work required to plow through snowy trails will help keep you warm! Extra effort means a higher heart rate will leads to some self generated heat. Before you know it you’ll have hat off + jacket unzipped. Besides, more effort on the trails usually means more cookies when you get back inside, right!?

#3 There’s Always an Excuse for Hot Chocolate!

Speaking of cookies...don’t forget the hot chocolate! In part because hot chocolate is awesome, but also because hot chocolate is a special part of winter adventures. No one wants a hot drink after a sweaty summer hike, but it’s perfect post-hike in the snow! If you’re a bit cold blooded you should seriously consider investing in a thermos with a good seal. Whip up some hot chocolate before you head out the door, top off that thermos + indulge in that chocolatey goodness! As you’re hiking you’ll know there is delicious warmth just waiting for you in your pack. It’s a great way to reward yourself for the climb + warm up at the same time. Until you acquire that thermos use hot chocolate for your ‘as soon as I get home’ motivator. Sure your toes are cold + you’re not sure if your fingers are still attached, but if you keep moving you’ll make it back home to glorious hot chocolate. Better yet, detour to a local coffee shop + add a bit of caffeine or whip cream to that hard earned drink of yours!

#4 The Shock Factor!

Our final reason to get outside in the chill of winter is a bit selfish. We want to sound cool to our friends...because who doesn’t love a ‘you did what?!’ look when you tell someone you hiked in below freezing temps over the weekend?! Exactly, their reaction gives you an extra boost. Usually, as you tell the story of your hike, you glaze over the details about how frozen you felt at times + focus completely on the awesome feeling that came with getting outside. Sure it was cold,. but it was also crazy peaceful! Of course my nose felt like it was going to fall off, but you should have seen the snowy trees sparkle! You can’t deny the dull ache in your legs after plowing through fresh snow, but you were the only person who got to relish the fresh critter tracks along the trail! See...worth it! Every one of those reasons could make a hike worth it all on their own. Combine them all together + you are basically required to get outside. Yes, even on the cold days! Just layer up, pack extra snacks + you’ll be set to explore a winter wonderland!