#YourLead - Show us your adventures

#YourLead - Show us your adventures

How to get us to visit your area:

#YourLead - Show us your adventures Time to vote! Where should we go for #YourLead adventure #2? - Tell us where we should visit by posting a photo of the area to Twitter or Instagram, then tag us in the post, list the area, and use #TETONAdventureTime.

We’ll log all the photos and choose where to visit. Also--if your shot brings us there, we’ll hook you up with some TETON gear.

What is #YourLead? - We are on a mission to cover the United States and have amazing local people show is their favorite trails. Follow us on on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by watching the #YourLead hashtag. You can also get updates on each leg of the trip here on the Adventure Hub.

Where does #YourLead take place? - All over the place, we will be covering various areas and documenting local hikes and the awesome people that take us on them. If you have an amazing trail in your area that you want to show off, then contact us and tell us that you would love to host us on a #YourLead adventure.

Who's involved in #YourLead? - Anyone and everyone! Drop us a line and we'll check the schedule for coming to your area. #YourLead (September 2014) - Trip 1 - Colorado (Sept 6-9) - We'll be adventuring with our great friends at Cabela's and other amazing friends. - Oregon (Sept 9-11) - Washington (Sept 11-17) - Idaho (Sept 17-18) If you live in these states reach out to us on Twitter and we'll set up an adventure.

Stay tuned and let's go adventuring! Check out the #Yourlead adventure feed here or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by searching the #YourLead hashtag.