#Hikerchat Adventure 2015

#Hikerchat Adventure 2015

Are you ready for the HikerChat adventure? Here are some details to help you out and a sign up form to secure your spot.

When: August 8th 2015 (time update will be sent to those who sign up) - After the adventure we'll return to TETON HQ for some food, giveaways, and meet ups.

Where: Hiking in the beautiful Wasatch Mountain (location will be sent to those who sign up)

What will the adventure be: We'll be hiking and then having lunch at TETON Sports HQ

The TETON Sports adventure is filled, but join us for a party afterwards at TETON Sports HQ

4882 West Wiley Post Way Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

Follow us on Twitter to get the timing of the party. It'll be announced Aug. 8th.

To join in the fun you must be signed up so we can track people and get you the needed information. That means if you are bringing someone, please fill out the form for them, but you can use your email. Fill out the form to secure your spot in the #HikerChat adventure: If you have any questions, head click this link and ask the question you have, Shawn will get back to you with the answers you need.