The ALTOS Sleeping Pad

The ALTOS Sleeping Pad

By: Kalli Hawkins

This time of year, I feel like a giddy kid waiting in anticipation for the year’s first camping trip. Each warm, sunny spring day, I find myself eagerly eyeing my camping gear and thinking, "Is it time?" Well, last week, that lucky day arrived. With a huge smile on my face, I grabbed my new ALTOS Sleeping Pad, camping gear, and my trusty adventure pup, Riley, and took off in search of an adventurous backroad camping spot. I was excited to go camping and test out my new pad. I was initially impressed with how lightweight and compact it was. In its mesh stuff sack, the packed size is the same as a Nalgene water bottle. The compact size is ideal for backpackers and car campers wanting to save weight and space. I have spent many nights choosing to sleep on the ground rather than carry a bulky sleeping pad, but the ALTOS Sleeping Pad solves this problem. It weighs only 1.19 lbs (.54kg), making it a backpacker's dream come true.

ALTOS Sleeping Pad Best Features

One of my favorite features of the sleeping pad is how quick and easy it is to inflate. I was able to fully inflate the ALTOS Sleeping Pad in under 2 minutes with minimal exertion. I tend to camp in Colorado at elevations between 8000-12,000 ft with reduced oxygen in the air. It is pretty important to me that I don't have to sacrifice a lung to inflate my sleeping pad while setting up camp. The valve cap easily snaps into place and closes securely. Once the valve cap is pulled, the sleeping pad will quickly start to deflate.

While the lightweight and compact size may have you thinking that you'll have to trade that for comfort and durability, you would be happily mistaken. This sleeping pad has it all. Once inflated, the vertical air beams provide added comfort and stability. I love the vertical ridges; they help reduce sliding off the sleeping pad in the middle of the night. The inflated dimensions are 72" x 20" x 3", perfect for individuals up to 6 feet tall. The three inch thickness provides ample insulation from the ground and contributes to the overall comfort of the ALTOS Sleeping Pad. The exterior of the sleeping pad consists of a 75D diamond shell, which is extremely durable and even dog-proof - my Australian Shepherd, Riley, self-tested and approved it! With all of these incredible qualities, the ALTOS Sleeping Pad provides comfort and thickness for any three-season adventure.

Well-Rounded Quality Sleeping Pad

One of the essential camping gear items I have started to notice in the older age of my 30's, is a quality sleeping pad. While the ALTOS Sleeping Pad may be lightweight, it still contains all of the vital components one desires. It is durable, comfortable, and provides generous support while sleeping.

Are You Ready? The best part is that the ALTOS Sleeping Pad comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty by TETON Sports; further, it is incredibly affordable at under $60.

It's hard deal to beat. Overall, I have been very impressed with the ALTOS Sleeping Pad and it has quickly become a staple in my gear loft. About the

Author: Kalli Hawkins

Kalli Hawkins is an outdoor, gear, and adventure writer based in Colorado. An avid explorer and backcountry enthusiast, Kalli can often be found on a backroad exploring the outdoors with her pup, Riley. When she's not writing or adventuring outdoors, she enjoys woodworking, homebrewing beer, and trying her hand at gardening. If you would like to connect or follow along, you can find her at @kallihawkins.