Your camp cot sleeping pad has been vacuum compressed for efficient transportation. As you unroll it, you may notice that it hasn’t fully expanded into the dimensions you expected. To best care for your sleeping pad and to restore its thickness, follow the steps below.

General Tips for Caring for Your Camp Pad:

  • Once you receive your camp pad, unbuckle the compression straps, unroll it, and allow the pad to lay out for a minimum of 72 hours to decompress. The longer you leave it out, the better.
  • To maintain its thickness and full foam measurements, store your camp pad fully decompressed. A reasonable alternative is to fold it in half instead of fully rolling it.
  • If you must keep your pad rolled up for storage, we recommend keeping it in a loose roll. The longer, and tighter, your pad stays compressed for, the longer it will need to expand and reform its true shape.

General Tips for Cleaning Your Camp Pad:

  1. Unzip the removable canvas shell from your camp pad and machine wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water.
  2. Allow the canvas to air dry completely before putting it back on the foam.