We know that time spent in the outdoors is grounding and authentic — bringing you back to yourself in a way that nothing else can. And unlike other outdoor brands, we aren’t just talking to the free soloing climbers and the ambitious few scaling Everest; we believe that everyone (literally everyone) can get outdoors and enjoy life.

The Story of Leslie Jean

It’s been said that an hour in nature can reduce anxiety, increase positive feelings and even increase memory. But Leslie Jean didn’t need the results of a study to know that she was getting better each time she journeyed into the wilderness of Oregon. After 15 years in an abusive relationship, Leslie Jean needed out. She packed up her three children the day after Christmas and left to find peace. For a while, she found herself in all the wrong places trying to cope. Her turning point came in the form of a hiking book a friend loaned her. This hiking book was everything she needed to pull herself from her rock bottom situation and put her on the path to her new self.

“The outdoors has brought me so much happiness, united my family together, and brought me so much love.”
-Leslie Jean

Leslie began hiking the backcountry of Mount Hood, Oregon. As she learned the trails and sights she also began to see a new future. Her time spent as an employee of Sportsman’s Warehouse helped equip her for her new lifestyle. She began to meet people, sought out online groups of outdoor enthusiasts, and consequently lost 80 pounds. She attributes her success to the example of many of the people she met online and on the trail. She quickly began making a new list of hikes she knew she could conquer — her own personal bucket list of outdoor adventures.

Leslie Jean found hope, freedom and healing in the outdoors.