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Campfire Safety

By: Mikayla Koeltzow A summer night in the mountains with a brisk wind, the trees rustle with every gust. The stars shine brightly above you, lighting up the details of all your surroundings in a ...
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Backpacking / Hiking

Hiking Safety // Hunting Season

There’s something about fall that gets us outside. It seems to be the perfect combination of cooler weather, impending snowfall + stunning colors. Hordes of hikers head outside to hit the trails. F...
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Keeping Safe Around Wildlife

Keeping Safe Around Wildlife The warmer temperatures are getting everyone stoked about getting back outside (if you aren’t a skier or snowboarder). This also means though, that the there will be...
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The Ten Essentials

When you pack up your backpack to hit the trail you stash some water, a few snacks + maybe a rain jacket. Those are basics, things you know you’ll need while you’re out roaming. But do you always r...
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Stay Safe with These Avalanche Tips for Hikers

Even if you aren’t out to shred the gnar, you could still be in avalanche territory. Arm yourself before you hit the trails this winter with a little avalanche know-how with these avalanche tips fo...