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Trail Running

By: David Ball The mornings are officially feeling crisp, the sun is going down earlier than we want but we still need to get outside…how do we manage that with less time? The answer: Trail Runn...
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Backpacking / Hiking

Hiking Safety // Hunting Season

There’s something about fall that gets us outside. It seems to be the perfect combination of cooler weather, impending snowfall + stunning colors. Hordes of hikers head outside to hit the trails. F...
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Deciphering Trail Ratings

When you’re headed out to the trails how do you decide how easy or difficult a trail is? Do you get out there + hope for the best? If so, good for you...but there is an easier way! Most trails have...
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Leave No Trace: Micro-Trash

We talk about being responsible trail users a lot because...well, it’s important. We need to be aware of our impact on the planet so we can keep the planet healthy, happy + available to us for endl...