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Reasons to LOVE the First Day of Summer

By: Meg Atteberry Is it just me or did winter and spring seem exceptionally long this year? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m thrilled summer is finally here. Saturday, June 20th ma...
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Memorial Day

By: Josh @rawtrails Tilting your head to the sky, you close your eyes. The sunshine warms your face. A warm breeze ruffles the leaves of the massive trees that shade the park. You hear sound...
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The Importance of Mothers

By: David Ball I’ve always found birthdays to be a bit ironic. Everyone celebrates that you were born, but it isn’t like we played any role in coming into existence. That’s why every year I ...
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Family Camping for Beginners

By: Meg Atteberry Take your kids camping for an unforgettable weekend as a family under the stars. For beginner family campers, don’t let the intimidation of packing up home for a few nights st...
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Backpacking / Hiking

The Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

By: Desiree Hester As spring comes sweeping in, images of summer camping trips and smores by the fireside are filling my mind with anticipation. How about you? This time of year is opportune fo...
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Family Time...on the Trail!

We always talk about finding great adventure buddies + getting to know new friends on the trails. But what about family!? Do you get outside with family? Do you love it? Hate it? We don’t know...w...